Case Study Amir Adnan

Emir Adman Started its work in lifestyle industry by designing a small tie for himself at the time when he was a banker. Gradually he started receiving orders from friends and peers to design one for them. He, then decided to formally adopt this as a career and further excel in it.

Lifestyle industry is all about creativity and innovative thinking which the USPS was for Emir. With the passage of time, Emir Adman has been Introduced and renowned for Its traditional dresses for MEN with a quite new, unique and Improved outlook.

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One design specific for one man has been Its competitive edge which gave an overnight boost to Emir. It Invested on the right time, right design and offered to the right segment. At this point of time, Emir Adman has many opportunities Like a) Offering new products b) penetrating Into the current market c) Attract new segments & markets d) Introducing diversified products to different markets Emir Adman has already been expanded into markets abroad facing many challenges in order to create and maintain its brand equity.

Though Emir Adman has successfully captured the local market as per its unique strategies based on LIFE STYLE segmentation, almost attracting different niches, charging a premium price and offering the desired product in a unique pattern, the decision to expand abroad is still a big question mark Solutions required for below Issues/Situations: a). Being a part of strategic management at Emir Adman, what other segmentation techniques will you propose in order to capture the foreign markets successfully as rely lifestyle segmentation is not functional enough for the new targeted market. ). While market targeting, Should Emir Adman follow

It invested on the right time, right design and offered to the right At this point of time, Emir Adman has many opportunities like a) Offering new b) Penetrating into the current market c). How Emir Adman can exercise extensive targeting in Pakistan? Would it be feasible? D).

Design a positioning concept you would implement across markets following horizontal and vertical stretch to exercise extensive targeting in part (C) e). Design a separate positioning strategy for two different positioning concept you have designed in part (d) above.