Jane Roberts Case Study Analysis

A top candidate Jane Roberts and Beets Cook are 2 finalists for Manager vacancy at one of Clean Car Care’s North Side Facility. Rural Outstrips is strongly considering to extending an offer to Jane Roberts and Jane is strongly considering Aralias offer upon pending terms ; conditions.

Jane has the right experience for the position but the other candidate Beets Cook has stronger Osaka’s.

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Jane is up for promotion at current company within 2 weeks, but requests an offer from sac’s urgently. Jane has notified Rural, that she is a single parent ; wants to not really work on Saturday or Sunday. This Case study has been presented to establish a fair and enticing offer to applicant Jane Roberts, In order to fulfill employment needs for Aralias organization. Here I show proven recommendations and suggestions to fulfill Clean Car Care’s company needs.

Steps to Resolution 1 . What relevant facts are known and unknown?

A. Manager employed at Clean Car Care earn $28,000 to $35,000 a year. B. Manager receive 1 week vacation 1st year & employee co-pay on health insurance.

C. A Clean Car Care Manager must work weekends due to demands of the cuisines. D. Applicant Jane Informed us she currently earns $31 ,500 on her current Job & Is up for promotion. E. Cane’s Promotional package Is unknown to us, but within that package, she Informed us of 2 weeks vacation will be awarded to her ; no co pay premium health insurance.

Jane informed us she’s a single parent.

We do not know the following: a. Jane Roberts’ promotional salary by her current company b. Both Jane ; 2nd candidate in the running will receive 2 weeks vacation soon. C.

Cane’s current employer’s 401 k plan is unknown. 2. Identify the Person/Job Matching process in question. Principle #1 – Job Specifications/Soaks Jane Robert has extensive experience In supervisory and managerial skillet to bring to the Job. Her experience suffices for an Internal manager who has had three years of experience.

Principle #2 – Organization’s Needs I newer Is currently no available ladle candidate Tort ten vacant position AT manager. After searching three counties, Jane Robert is the top applicant. However, she is 45 miles from the Job site. Principle #3- Employee’s Motivation The candidate’s motivation is solely based on what we can offer her for the security of her Job, family life, and long-term goals. A best shot offer focused solely on long-term goals will enable retention and align with the company’s reputation of low turnover.


Recommended Decision (Final Job Offer) a. First recommendation in the Job offer is one month of relocation expenses for Jane Roberts and her family. Relocation expenses would cover the first month’s rent and moving expenses (truck and movers). B.

Second recommendation would be our best shot salary offer of $36,000 annually. Upon acceptance of this salary offer, Ms. Roberts would be asked to sign a confidentiality clause binding her to keep her salary influential (in order to maintain the morale of all employees). C. Third recommendation would be to offer Ms.

Roberts a company match of up to 5% on her retirement plan. D. Fourth recommendation includes the opportunity to work for two weekends a month for six months (alternating) with the agreement that Ms. Roberts would agree to work three weekends in alternate months with the third weekend being optional as far as which particular dates. This would benefit Ms.

Roberts since she is accustomed to working two weekends and would benefit our company since we normally ask for employees to work every weekend. . Fifth and final recommendation for Ms.

Roberts includes the opportunity to qualify for two weeks paid vacation after her first year of employment. However, since Ms. Roberts would have automatically qualified for two weeks vacation at her current Job, the company will offer Ms.

Roberts the opportunity to take two weeks vacation in her first year with the agreement that the second week would be without pay. Clean Car Care, Inc. 300 Sunset Boulevard Cincinnati, OH 10965 January 9th, 2010 Ms. Jane Rooters 345 Matt-I street Columbus, OH 10372 Dear Ms. Roberts: Clean Car Care, Inc.

S pleased to offer you a position as Facility Manager.

We trust that your knowledge, skills and experience will be among our most valuable assets. Should you accept this Job offer, per company policy you’ll be eligible to receive the following beginning on your hire date, with the condition that you agree to our confidentiality clause. A. Salary of $36,000 annually with the condition that you agree to keep your salary information strictly confidential.

B. Relocation expenses: Clean Car Care, Inc. Agrees to pay one month of relocation expenses, including, and limited o, first month’s rent, moving truck, and movers. . Clean Car Care, Inc. Agrees to match your retirement plan up to 5%.

D. You will be given the opportunity to work two weekends and three weekends a month (alternating) with the option to choose in advance which third weekend works best for your schedule. E. Clean Car Care, Inc. Agrees to provide you with two weeks of paid vacation after the first year of employment.

However, you may take up to two weeks of vacation during your first year with the condition that only one week is paid. We look forward to hearing from you. Sincerely, John Doe