Case Study: Jane

The relationship with Cane’s aunt was not a steady one, because of the distance between where they lived. Jane eventually met and fell In love with a man that she soon married.

3 years Into their marriage, she found herself In yet another physically abusive scenario and then becomes pregnant. As a child, Jane spent all of her time tip-toeing around her father, trying to please him in any way she could. She tried day in and day out to make her father happy, to no avail. She eventually realized that no matter what she did to please him, she loud never be good enough.

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These actions and upbringings have taught Jane nothing more than to associate ones love for another, with ones fear of them.

She will carry these teachings with her forever, and they will greatly impact her future encounters with love and trust. She will also Instill these beliefs in her child, as It Is likely he/she will be exposed to the heinous abuse that, Jane endured as a child. I believe that Cane’s actions will continue to lead her down her current path of injustice and exploitation.

She will frequently be drawn to the people who treat her poorly because that is all she has ever known. It would be difficult to recondition her brain to believe that these types of behavior are not normal, when they are the only behaviors she has ever been accustomed to.

To, Jane, someone inflicting pain and anguish onto her, is the only way for her to know that they care. Therefore she will repeatedly look for those relationships because they have now become a comfort to her, a sense of normalcy.

I believe that the only recourse for, Jane, Is to seek out help. With the proper counseling and rehabilitation, she could begin to see how normal human Interactions work. The kind that Is not torturous and agonizing.

She could learn to build relationships on love and trust, with no association with fear. One day she could go on and live wonderful life and understand the true meaning of having ones love. I en tense modern perspectives AT Sinology Tanat I Delve would apply to tens scenario are: Psychoanalytical, Behavioral and Cognitive.

Psychoanalytical, because it looks at childhood experiences that have an effect on their development. It focuses on the impact of their unconscious fears and behaviors of the individual.

Next is Behavioral, because it examines learned behaviors through rewards or punishments. How one reacts to repetitive actions of another, be it in an uplifting or degrading manor. Lastly, I chose Cognitive, because this perspective considers how we store and process information that influences our feelings, perceptions and beliefs.

Jane is Just one of many women who endure such injustices on a daily basis. Victims of domestic violence rarely reach out for help due to the overwhelming fear of the repercussions that could arise.

These same victims generally have children, who will see and experience these violent acts, and so begins the vicious cycle of people like, Jane. References Clare, S. (2000). Releasing your child’s potential: Empower your child to set and reach their own goals. London: Oxford How To Books. Retrieved June 1, 2008, from Interlibrary database.