Arthur Reed Case Study analysis

If employees are not available to cover his or her position, the warehouse operation will fall behind, exulting with a loss of business and/ or profits. The grocery store must be staffed so that business flows year round, but retaining short term coverage has proven to be an impossible task. Arthur Reed must be proactive with an innovative way of attracting and retaining reliable temporary workers during the challenging times of the year. A grocery store warehouse supervisor has many functions to manage. Reed is responsible for providing warehouse human resource objectives by training, couching, and scheduling employees.

Arthur Reed must ensure that perishable and non-perishable Items are organized. In Dalton, the perishable Items must be cycled in and out according to expiration dates. The warehouse supervisor must also ensure that supplies and equipment is delivered to departments by transferring and receiving items. Reed manages a first and second shift. Both shifts included regular fulfillment employees and temporary employees. The responsibilities of the Job warehouse supervisor provide challenges for Arthur Reed.

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It is important to manage the process for replacing absentee employees during the summer months of business.

During the summer months, many senior staff members want to take their vacation. Other members of staff will call in sick during the summer months. These two dynamics create staffing challenges to usually peek from June to October. According to the Harris Poll, over forty percent of U. S.

Adults take vacation during the summer months (Brakeman, 2011 According to a recent survey by Monster. Com, nearly 20 percent of workers admit to calling In during the summer at least once (Permian, 2012). Very similar to most businesses, it is crucial to have a reliable work Torte De available when employees are assent.

Replacing assented workers was a very difficult task that Arthur Reed had to manage. Failure to have a reliable work force during peak summer months causes the work shifts to fall behind. When the work staff is reduced it causes Reed to quickly provide skilled employees to do the work.

This can be challenging when given a short notice. If temp workers are not skilled, more time and training will be necessary to get good performance. Also, it is not expected to get many skilled workers for a base pay of $6 per hour. The hiring process is less difficult when and attractive pay is offered.

It is also more desirable for an employee if benefits are included.

Some temp employees are not fully omitted because they do not have a full time opportunity for employment(10 Pros and Cons, 2011). Every year during the summer months, Arthur Reed is challenged with this dilemma so he will need a good solution. Through many attempts, Reed has developed a good way to resolve the worker shortage during the peak summer months. Advertisements for temp work will be posted in all major temp agencies to attract potential workers. Senior temp employees will have to put in a two month notice for vacation time off.

Reed will also offer a higher pay rate during the summer months to make working more attractive. During the summer months Arthur Reed made a deal to cover safety shoe expenses for temp workers. Reed also gives an awareness meeting for violation sick time during summer months to reduce sick time call-ins. Reed also offers the full time workers bonus pay for working through the summer months. Developing creative ways for hiring temporary workers during the summer months gave Arthur Reed good solutions for managing the staffing shortage. Once a solution has been proven effective, Arthur Reed must take advantage and make them better.

As the summer months begin to become more predictable, the hanged processes that have implemented must continue to be monitored. Awareness meetings should be held as a standard practice. The union safety shoe fees should remain to be reduced during the summer months. Senior staff should continue to provide an early forecast for time off to aid the temporary staff hour guarantee issue. The key is that Arthur Reed cannot afford to wait for the summer months to come around before managing them. He must apply critical thinking to create new solutions to the issues that Blue Grocery Stores Incorporated will encounter during the summer months.