Case Study Analysis of ABC, Inc.

The trainees have been advised of this date and will arrive at 8:00 am. During the week after Memorial Day, it was discovered there is a lengthy list of issues that have not been addressed yet.

The trainees have not completed their applications, transcripts on file, mandatory drug screens have not been scheduled; orientation manuals are not complete; and, the training room for orientation has not been reserved. To further complicate matters, the training room has already been reserved for the entire month of June and Is not available for rescheduling. These problems exist wealth BBC, Inc. U to Inadequate planning and time management, failed communication and appropriate training of the campus recruiter. A standardized recruitment process at BBC, Inc. Would eliminate procrastination and time management issues.

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If immediate corrective action is not taken at BBC, Inc. Relationships with coworkers will be in Jeopardy and the decline of cohesive teamwork will be detrimental to the company. Right now the trainees will not be ready to start working by July. This will cause a loss in production, profits and increased expense for the additional preparation time for the recruits.

The allegations between the recruiter and supervisors at BBC, Inc.

Will become strained. Miscommunication or lack of communications will increase and also cause a loss in production and profits. If orientation does not occur as scheduled, new trainees will lack confidence In BBC, Inc. Over time, this will cause an Increase In employee turnover and Increasing time and expenditure In further recruitment processes. Recruitment Process The current recruitment process used by Mr..

Robins is unstructured, unreliable, and inconsistent.

According to Paul (2000) “Management leaders need to recognize that circuiting new talent and retaining existing talent are the most important components of their job description” (p. 40). Mr..

Robins began recruiting the hires in March. By early April, it had been established that 15 new trainees were qualified to continue through to the physical exam and drug screen testing. It was also intended, that upon successful completion of this testing, that orientation for the trainees would begin on June 15th. At this point, Mr..

Robins had two, and half months to complete and compile all the required documents and make the appropriate appointments and reservations. Two and a half months Is an extensive amount of time to accomplish the tasks required to flash the recruitment process. BBC, Inc. Needs to establish a standardized recruiting protocol. According to Paul (2000) war recruit Ana Nile stressfully you need to nave a plan” (p. ) A standardize process will prevent situations like the one that has occurred.

The benefits of implementing a streamlined recruiting process are improved efficiency, reliability, and predictability.

Ensuring the efficiency of the hiring process at BBC, Inc. Is critical to their continued success as a leading employer in the area. The company cannot afford to be wasting manpower and expense on a drawn out process of hiring. Knowing that a reliable process is in place; supervisors and managers will be able to continue to plan accordingly for the increase or replacement in staffing.

Each and every step of the hiring process should build confidence within the leadership, management personnel and employees.

Employees need to have confidence that there is an established predictable process to replace vacant positions or to add additional staff when needed. This will reduce the stress of employees feeling that they have to do additional duties or work mandatory overtime to cover for staffing shortages that may occur. Another added benefit of a standardized recruiting process is the protocol will keep the recruiter accountable for all steps of the process. It will prevent procrastination and improve time management.

Time Management Time management has not been utilized by Mr..

Robins during his recruitment of the new trainees. The facts lead to the conclusion Mr.. Robins spent a lot time procrastinating.

With effective time management, procrastination will be avoided and is essential in preventing this situation from happening again. Training in educating Mr.. Robins in time management will benefit BBC, Inc. Instructing Mr..

Robins how to increase his productivity will build confidence within himself and within co-workers. It will promote teamwork and how to delegate appropriate tasks to other qualified personnel. Time management in the workplace is a crucial key to success in the workplace. When these skills are taught, implemented, and rewarded, a workplace will benefit greatly in the areas of productivity, harmony, and financial success. ” According to an anonymous author in the Teller Vision Journal.

Proposal for Future Recruitment Upon careful and critical review of the current recruitment process for new employees; a new recruitment process is proposed. This process should take no longer than eight weeks from the posting of the Job till the start date of the position.

Typically, the process will average will average six weeks. With the possibility of a shorter time frame for internal candidates. Days 1 – 17: The recruiter needs to determine the detailed Job description or profile for the open position. It is beneficial to have Job descriptions for all positions within BBC, Inc.

, on file. Post the position for two weeks. Make reservations for training and conference rooms. Contact contracted healthcare facility to ensure they will have available staff and time to accommodate possible candidates.

Days 7 – 21: Start setting up interview times as applications and resumes are received.

Begin to interview the applicants starting at the end of week one of posting of the job. Wrap up interviews one week after end of Job posting. Select qualified applicants to proceed to the next steps. Days 22 – 36: Schedule applicants for physicals and drug screens. Contact each applicant to confirm all forms and releases is received and employed appropriately. Receive reports on Pensacola Ana rug screens Ana respond accordingly.

Gather all training and orientation forms and make necessary copies.

Days 37 – 44: Orientation and training to be done this week. Final review of all applicants’ documents to ensure everything is in order. Day 45: New employees are ready to go to work. Proposal for Completion of Current Recruits In order to complete the recruiting process of the trainees, it is imperative that BBC, Inc.

Takes immediate action. Drug screens and physicals need to be scheduled at the contracted healthcare facility within the next few days. Each applicant will need to be informed of the required documents and submit immediately.

Combine the incomplete orientation manuals to determine if a complete set can be formed. If not, seek out a recently hired employee to inquire if they have retained a copy.

Determine if another room is available for orientation. Is there a large office space available or the break room, perhaps, to use. If not, the group will need to be divided into smaller groups. The recruiter’s office will need to be used for completing orientation. Then, inquire if another employee or two is qualified to help or lead a mall orientation group.

If another person or two is available, then run two or three orientation groups concurrently.

The recruits can be ready to work in July. If a large enough training room is not available and no other individual is qualified to do training, only approximately half of the recruits will be ready by July. At the very latest, all recruits will be working by the second week of July. Conclusion Procrastination, the lack of experience in time management and organization, and the lack of a standardized recruitment protocol lead to the failure of this recruitment t BBC, Inc.

Training needs to be made available to Mr..

Robins and other employees to address the effectiveness of time management in all roles within the company. Programs and protocol need to be created to encourage communication and reward successes within the company. Mr.. Robins and all employees need to be held accountable to their Job requirements and expectations.

With the implementation of these protocols and trainings, the productivity of teamwork within the company will be very successful. Employees at BBC, Inc. Will continue to appreciate and have confidence in their employer.