Case Study Business Laundry Shop

Summary: A. Name of the firm NJD Laundry Shop A business is one of the most fundamental things to be arranged in starting a business. NJD Laundry Shop as the major name of the business, originated from the Name of the owner abbreviation Nilda Javelona Dela Fuente. NJD Laundry Shop is a unique, simple and easy to to remember. People will easily visualize what the business is about and it will aid to their memory. It includes information that the business does and can easily be understood by various target market.

B. Location Head Office and factory.The company is located in Phase 5 Blk 27 Eastwood Greenview Montalban Rizal. NJD Laundry Shop is inside the Montalban Center Mall. Basically, the business is proposed for the residents of the community because not all the residents have househelpers to do the laundry.

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The main location of the NJD shop is located at Montalban Center Mall Ground Floor beside Mercury Drugstore in front of Janet & Joy Salon. It is very accessible for all the residence of the Eastwood Greenview Subdivision. Because Montalban Center Mall is located outside of the Subdivision.C. Brief description of the project Mainly, the project is intended for the residents of Eastwood Greenview and for the residence nearby of the Montalban Center Mall. However, this may support a clean living which is aimed by the Department of Health but this project is basically to help the residents lessen their workload and ensure that their clothes are clean.

NJD Laundry Shop significantly acts as a helper for the people who does not have enough time to do the laundry. It will be managed by a single proprietorship who is a resident of the community.The owner of the business remain to what they need to get full satisfaction. It a very good idea to put up a laundry in the subdivision it also gives the mothers or the one responsible for doing a laundry. 1. History of business The business was planned to put up by the owner from the NJD Company Audio & Video Services to NJD Laundry Shop.

Thinking of what particular business to bring in that suit inside the Montalban Center Mall is really the main thing. NJD Company Audio & Video Services maybe the feasible in the location but a lot of competitor’s and computer shop nearby.That is why the business is not working good. The owner shifted the business into a Laundry Shop which is seen to be a need for the residents of the community. This kind of business does not require a lot of effort for the costumers and the business owners as well. 2.

Nature and kind of industry Today, this particular laundry industry is the most dynamic and reasonable productive business. Also, what makes it more appealing to the market is the fact that this persistent service industry continuous to grow and succeed. Laundry shops are easily managed through the use of new technology.It lessens the time and effort that are spent in getting clothes cleaned. The normal time spent in getting dirty clothes cleaned is like two (2) hours depending on the number of clothes to be washed and its sizes. However, the laundry industry belongs to the service industry where the product is primarily the service given to the costumers.

Take note of the extra services, it comprises of the use of detergent soap to be used for the clothes, the water consumption space to be saved by the costumers in hanging their clothes to dry and the electricity that can be saved for ironing them.Generally this kind of industry is really seen on the go for the target market because of convenience and practicability. 3. Type of Organization Line Organization simplest form of organization, the line of authority flows from top to bottom. 4.

Organization Chart Owner/ Proprietor Area Sales Managers Supervisor’s Rank & File Sales and Mktng. Dept. Operations Dept. Accounting & Finance Dept. 5. Officers of the business and their Qualification Area Sales Managers Delivering top line and bottom line goals for the locations under supervision.

Recommending business-building/ marketing plans to drive footfalls to the booths. Manage and train the booth operators on following SOPs. Collecting customer data from POS from the each of the booths. Responsible for ensuring tallying of the receipts at the booth vs. cash balance. Sales Supervisor’s Under direction, to supervise the laundry collecting, ordering, receiving, distributing, and mending services of a department; to instruct and assist staff and/or inmates in laundry operations; and to assist in the administration of the laundry services.

Accounting OfficersThe Accounting Officer acts within the authority of the company but they separately have personal responsibility for the management and organization of the Department, including the use of money and the stewardship of its assets. This includes propriety and regularity; prudent and economical administration; avoidance of waste and extravagance; efficient and effective use of available resources; and the organization, staffing and management of the Department. It is the Accounting Officer who has to appear before the Committee of Public Accounts (PAC) to give evidence of their and their Department’s performance.Operations Officers Institutional laundry operations and procedures. Safety procedures and precautions related to the operation of laundry equipment.

Principles of work scheduling, training, and supervision. Principles and methods of office management including record keeping, use of. computer systems, and preparation of correspondence and reports. Principles and methods of business administration, including budget preparation,cost control,personnel and labor relations, and fiscal management. State and federal mandates relating to laundry operations. Marketing officersUnderstand market trends and requirements.

Explore business opportunities. Implement marketing plans and sales strategies. Execute marketing strategies to enhance business opportunities. Conduct marketing conferences, trade shows and corporate events. Perform case studies and references to design marketing strategies. And to Collaborate with internal and external partners in executing marketing plan Chapter ll ll.

Economic Aspects 1. Market Description NJD Laundry Shop to able to expand the business within the area of Montalban Rizal. To gain 50% percent of loyal costumer in a year. By dominating the arket in the community and define the edge of NJD Laundry Shop from its competitor inside the subdivision in 8 months time. To establish a good brand and rapport to costumers and gain brand loyalty in the first (2) two months of operation to established a socially responsible enterprise to increase the profit in the 1st year.

A. Areas of dispersion NJD Laundry Shop will be providing the costumers from the Eastwood Subdivision and the whole Montalban Rizal resident with the following services; Wash dry fold, Pressing, Hand wash and dry cleaning services. B. Means of Transportation and existing rates thereof.The company also offers extra services free pick-up and delivery for the customer who has a loyalty card membership.

The price of laundry services may vary from one laundry service provider to another, so it is important to compare prices from each service to determine if the costs of laundry services are worth your money. C. Channels of distribution and general track practices. From these factors and each client’s individual needs can a laundry service provider determine the laundry service by appropriate to a certain situation providing a channel of distribution through Free pick up and deliver services. 2.Demand Major Consumer of the product.

Laundry services is the primary product to the consumers for them to satisfied the service by maintaining a good relationship to the costumers. This kind of business for practicability and demand from target audience. It will be a good help for meeting a costumer expectations through satisfying their needs and wants. 3. Competitive Position Selling price The price is depending on the weight of the garments the sizes and its shapes, but the price minimum 1kilo amounting of P25.

00 pesos. And there is a certain discounts applied for the maximum kilos provided with a membership ard loyalty. B. Marketing program The most important part of the project that intends to define the size, nature and growth of the demand for the product, description and price of the product supply situation, nature of the competition different marketing factors, the market of the product and the marketing program needed. Promotions and advertising plans including costs.

1. Flyers distribution budget cost – P25,000. 00 ( good for 1 year) 2. Television advertisement cost – (P15,000 per 25seconds x 15days) with a total amount P225,000. 00 pesos.

C.Contribution to Philippine Economy Labor employed NJD Laundry Shop can contribute to the Philippine Economy by helping those who need for employment. The management will also implement the right compensation and benefits as promulgated by laws to give assurance to the employees for their security of tenure. Including Fringe benefits and other certain incentives. Chapter 111 111. Technical Feasibility A.

Project This project will be managed by the people who know the feeling of being unsatisfied with what results they get from doing laundry at home.The owners thought of more advantages and benefits that their co-residents will get from having a dirty clothes and stuff done in an easy manner. The use of Technology today should be able to responds to the needs and wants of the costumers. In that case a laundry shop is the answer to the need for their clean clothes in less time,less cost, and less efforts. 1. Description of the product including specifications relating to their physical, mechanical and chemical properties.

Services, Wash,Dry Folds or WDF is the most common suit service from a laundry shop.This service provides a basic washing machine and drying and folding for costumers clothes, comforters, towels, curtains, and seat cover with or without a foam. This process is done with aid of washing machines and dryers. 2. Uses of Product Basically, laundry shop products is more on services and the machine that we used is the washing machines which perform the several rinses after the main wash to remove most of the detergent. Then, the clothing would be placed on other dryer that is used to remove moisture from a load of clothing and other textiles.

Then, the clothes or garments would be manually folded and bagged for pick up for the costumers. Pressing or ironing or smoothing is work of using a heated tool which can removed the wrinkles from a fabrics. Ironing by using a steamers while it is wet. Ironing works by loosening the bond between the long chain polymer molecules in the fibers of material. Dry cleaning is the process for clothing and textiles using an organic solvent than water.

It is necessary for cleaning the items which would otherwise be damaged by water and soap or detergent.The cleaning process of dry cleaning is more time in consuming compared to the usual wash,dry, fold process, but there are clothing that require such service like barong, coats, gown, suits, dresses,jacket,caps and neckties. B. Manufacturing process There are different processes involved in a laundry business depending on the specified service ordered by the costumer and the service required with the type of garment or fabric. We also have a Standard procedure to refer in washing the clothes to assure the costumers that their clothing is handled in the best way by a costumer satisfaction oriented business.

Process of the garments. 1. Segregation of garments according to category or washing requirement. 2. Weighing and pricing of clothing according to category.

3. Tagging of clothes for identification and inspection for any Tear, Loose thread, Missing Buttons and the like. 4. Proceed to services ordered. 5. Preparation of clothes for pick up or delivery.

Wash dry fold Service ( Thin Garments including bedsheets, curtains, towels and seat covers without foam. ) a. 30 minutes washing time 4 scoops of detergent soap and 1 cup of fabric softener. b. 25-30 minutes drying c.

Quality check clothes . Approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes folding. For thick Garments such as blankets and comforters. a. 60 minutes time washing 4 scoops of detergent and 1 scoop of fabric softener. b.

60 minutes drying time. c. Quality check clothes d. Approximately 1 hour for Folding and Bagging. Dry Cleaning Process a.

Pre-treatment of stains to make removal easier and more complete. b. Clothes are put into a dry cleaning machine and is cleaned with solvent approximately 8 minutes in cycle. c. Quality control or post spotting stain.

d. Segregation clothes according to Tag identification. e.Folding or Hanging a dry cleaned clothes. f.

Pressing of clothes according to Fabric requirements. g. Preparation of clothes for pick up or delivery. C. Machinery and Equipment 2 whirlpool Topload Washers Model: 06T11M13J527C Features: 29″ super capacity Plus 11. 5 Kg Dry Capacity Fully automatic washers with stainless panel.

Extra roll action agitator. Magic clean lint filter. ABS plastic Tub Direct drive system Tripod Suspension system Self balancing basket Tub 1. Specification of the machinery and equipment required indicated rating capacities. Model 06T11M13J527C Load Capacity 11. kg Washer type Top Load Spin Capacity 11.

5Kg Spin Speed 750 rpm No. of washers Program 10 cycles Soak wash Functions Yes Extra rinse Yes Turbo Performance No Water Usage per wash 85 liters Agitatoryes Control Type push button/knob Wash wattage 900watts Color stainless steel (white) 2. List of machinery and equipment to be purchased and origin whether local or imported. The machine is imported from Japan. Tominaga Seisakujyo K. K.

Machinery/Hydraulic & Pneumatic Machines TEL. : (075)802-1181 FAX. :(075)801-0899 88, Nishinokyo Minamiryo-machi, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto, Kyoto[604-84962D. Plant Location The location of NJD laundry shop is located inside the Montalban Center Mall. The 1st red color represent the main shop.

While the 2nd small red colors repsesent the original office to get a raw materials, the distance is only (2) two kilometers away. E. Raw Material Availability of continuing of supply and current prospective sources. All the materials needed is available coming from different suppliers. Most importantly, the main purpose of the business is to get more of loyal costumers in order to maintain the business.

F. UtilitiesElectricity sources from Meralco and water sources consumption from Nawasa. The cost may indicated for the estimate calculation it vary’s depending on the flow of the workload and number of job order required. Estimated calculation Water per month P1000. 00 Electricity P4,000. 00 Total P5,000.

00 G. Waste Disposal We are responsible business for the waste disposal we having a good impact on the environment. We have a different filtration that all the water for disposal will recycle that could also use for flushing the Comfort Room and to clean a ventilation of the aircons and the rest of the machines.For the plastic materials from the detergent and Fabric Softener all of them are also recycle, it can be sell for the garbage buyer for kilo. In order return for additional income of the company.

Chapter 1V 1V. Financial Feasibility The mode of financing will be from the Personal Saving of the Owner, this business will be primarily investment. A laundry shop is not a big business and extravagant capital so there is no need to borrow a money from any lending company or from any Financing bank company. The owners decided to invest the capital in full amount without any credit just to lessen the cost of interest.The estimated costs of the Total Business in P1,0000. 00 Million pesos.

Fund will be allocated as follows; Store rental per monthP5,000. 00 Total price of equipment Approximately P250,000. 00 Marketing & Advertisement P250,000. 00 ( whole year) Maintenace P10,000. 00 Manpower Salary P75,000. 00 (5 manpower) UtilitiesP10,000.

00 Materials P25,000. 00 Service Delivery VehicleP100,000 (motorcycle) Total costs estimated P725,000. 00 The remaining balance capital of worth P250,000. 00 will serve as contingency fund for the business purposes.