HRM Case Study KK Laundry

What would you do first if you were Jean OK? If I was Jean OK, I would first ensure that the hiring process is well designed and targeting the right mix of skills and abilities among the candidates.

Meaning that I would analyze what kind of skills or abilities does the Job require, by doing the Job analyses . This part Is very crucial, It therefore needs time; otherwise there Is a possibility to hire someone who does not have what it takes to do the job. How should the company deal with sexual harassment charges and problems?

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Sexual harassment at work is a serious matter. It is sometimes viewed as a joke, but it can make people’s lives a misery and seriously affect how they do their Job. 2 Human resource managers must therefore deal with sexual harassment problem accordingly to maintain a good working atmosphere to all people at the company. If the company does not have any sexual harassment policy, It must adopt one soon and turn It Into an organizational culture.

Employees should be warned that sexual harassment is strictly not tolerated and they should know the possible consequences.

The company must have a body that can deal with sexual harassment issues, any sexual reassessment behavior should be reported and any complaint should immediately be followed by probation, thus offenders must be probed and meet the consequences If found guilty. Would you recommend that the company expand Its quality program? If so, what form should It take? It Is highly recommended that the company expand its quality program. No quality program can succeed unless employees are educated about quality concepts. The company should train its employees; educate them what quality is all about.

For this to be successful there is a need to motivate these employees so that they can be able to act like mint-managers.

How should Jean go about collecting the Information required for standards, procedures and Job description? First of all she should conduct a complete Job analysis for the Job of store manager and she should also check out existing policies and procedures of the company in place, then she should use one or the combination of the following methods for collecting information about Standards, Procedures and Job description for the Job of Store Manager.

The Interview (very accurate data, but time consuming) Questionnaire (She can collect more data, but not as accurate as Interview) Observation (perfect, but she has to be careful with Individual differences when serving, Decease some people 00 tings In tenet own way. Participant cards (It Is good way, but very time consuming) What can we do to reduce turnover in our stores? Employee turnover is one of the largest issues facing businesses today.

The cost associated with it is inconceivably large, and to solve this problem we first need to understand what causes employee turnover, and then find solutions that are sound enough to counter these problems. According to the Harvard Business Review, it has en stated that the main reasons people leave or quit their Jobs are Job content, level of responsibility, company culture, caliber of colleagues and salary So if Jean’s father can understand the reasons why the employers are leaving and try to respond positively, the turnover problem will have no room in K laundry because the employees will feel that the company cares about them.

I would recommend Jean’s father to learn from Richard Brannon of Virgin Group who always put the employees first, customers second and shareholders third because if the employees get motivated, they love their Job, committed to the company, willing to work for the many and feel happy, they smile at the customers, and customers feel happy. What screening techniques can the company use to screen out turnover-prone applicants? The company can use background information and reference check technique to eliminate turnover-prone applicants.

During interviews, the employers can ask probing questions to know what made the applicant leave his or her previous job. However, probing questions during interview may not be enough and cannot provide as enough information about the applicant as possible, so the employers must call directly to the applicant’s previous work place and ask them about the why he applicant left, what was the salary, and other information. In addition, the company may also ask for written references