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Price to stay on her ex.

‘s health insurance after divorce? The main thing that she needs to know, from divorce financial strategist Jeffrey A. Landers, the founder of Bedrock Divorce Advisors, Is that It even though it may be a difficult for her the hear but the answer to this question Is “No. ” Once the divorce is finalized she cannot say on her ex.’s health Insurance. After the divorce is finalized, she can qualify for COBRA coverage, but the thing to remember Is that COBRA is temporary and lasts only up to 36 months.

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Since Sarah Price Is divorcing my advice would be for her to get her own health Insurance as soon as possible because if she was to develop a condition while on COBRA, a new Insurance plan may see It as a pre-existing condition and either not Insure her or only do so with much higher premiums. Another reason not to Walt, Is the projected costs for coverage and out-of-pocket medical expenses should be considered during the divorce settlement negotiations, says Lull Vassalage, president of Divorce & Money Matters LLC In Greenwich, con. ND president of the International Escalation of Divorce Financial Planners. Maintaining health insurance coverage is a major concern for many divorcing couples. In fact, it’s one of the main reasons why some couples now opt for a legal separation instead of divorce.

Health insurance companies have strict requirements for when and how they must be notified of your divorce, and failure to do so might constitute insurance fraud. Sarah should make sure she consults with her attorney to understand the laws as they apply to her specific case.

Since Sarah is still legally married so can still be on her husband’s insurance, but I would not wait for very long to get new coverage for her, because the type of insurance that she gets may be costly and she may not get the coverage that she wants. References Divorce Questions: Can I Still Get Medical Insurance From My Ex After Divorce? – Retrieved from – www. Hypnotists. Com/2012/05/07/divorce-questions-health Ladies: Protect your health insurance during divorce – retrieved from – www.

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