Case Study Discharge

She had been suffering from intermittent low back pain dating sack to an MBA several years ago. In December of last year she started a Job where she was doing a lot of heavy lifting. Shortly after that she began experiencing pain in her back and right leg. CT scan was done that showed questionable disk bulging. This was followed by a employers that showed no definite defect. However, repeat CT showed marked compression at the LO-5 level.

Some ligament flavor prominence and low-grade disk bulging.

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On May 27, the patient underwent a lumbar stockiest at LO-SO on the right side and a disk herniated was identified at the time of surgery. Postoperatively the patient had resolution of her low back pain and right leg symptoms and was doing reasonably well at the time of discharge. She remained febrile throughout her hospital course. Her incision was healing nicely and she was ambulating without difficulty.

Discharged to home.

The patient and her husband were given detailed Mitten instructions as to her activities and limitations. I will follow her in my clinic in 5 weeks’ time and I have advised her to stay off work until that time.