Authentication and Authorization are two interrelated security concepts. N Authentication and authorization are required for a Web page that should be limited to certain users:- Authentication Is a process of identifying a user and about verifying whether someone is who they lain to be. Typically, authentication is achieved by the user sharing credentials that somehow verify the user’s Identity.

It usually Involves a surname and a password, but may include any other methods of demonstrating identity such as a smart card, fingerprints, etc. Then, after have accounts it can advertise products to sale.

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Knowledge of the password is assumed to guarantee that the user is authentic. Each user registers initially using an assigned or self-declared password. On each subsequent use, the user must know and use the previously declared password.

The nakedness In this system for transactions that are significant Is that passwords can oaten De stolen, calculatedly revealed, or Tormenter. Authorization Is the process of determining if an authenticated user has access to the resources they requested. Is finding out if the person, once identified is permitted to manipulate specific resources.

This is usually determined by finding out if that person is of a particular role that has access to the resources. Authorization is the function of specifying access rights to resources, which is related to information security and computer security in general and to access control in particular. During operation, the system uses the access control rules to decide whether access requests consumers shall be approved or disapproved.

Resources include individual files or items data, computer programs, computer devices and functionality provided by computer applications.

Examples of consumers are computer users, computer programs and other devices on the computer. QUESTION 2 a) Things that you post might be late to reach the buyers and exceed the time you have promised to your buyers. One of the reasons is the possibility of delayed product suppliers providing goods to the seller and the seller almost caused late to end the goods to the buyer at the time that was promised. Moreover, the cause of the goods to arrive late to the buyer is the slow processing of fast delivery the item within the system. ) Things that you post may be damaged or broken arriving it into the hands of buyers.

The reason is the way the packaging of goods is not compatible with the product such as the size of the product is great but the packaging is Just frivolous. In addition, another reason is damaged or broken products are possibility on the way during the product is shipped or safe fall too dense product until the product is loyalty. C) Goods you might not reach directly into the hands of the buyer or lost in transit.

This cause sellers cheats the buyer by placing ads on the internet but sometimes things does not exist already or incomplete information cause the buyer or the seller Doolittle Taste postal to allover ten Item. In Alton, products may Allocates on way the negligence of the fast postal in the processing of the product.

D) Buyers may not be satisfied with the goods received. The reason of display in the internet by the seller not the same as the goods received by the buyer. Display on the internet may be more beautiful than the goods received by the buyer.

In addition, the possibility large size informed is acceptable but the size is small. E) Goods received by the buyer is not quality.

The received goods are not quality because sellers on the internet have stated that goods sold by it is high-quality but when the goods reach the hands of the buyer is not qualified. Like the touch screen mobile phone that is sold by the seller. Description mentioned by the seller are the buyer makes sure to buy goods but when the goods reach the buyer is not the same as described and the quality of goods is poor.