Case Study: Entrepreneur and Venture

Hessian Aimed, managing director of Shank Trade International Ltd and Raman Footwear built his business from absolutely nothing. Unlike many other businessmen today, he had no family money, or no family ventures to carry on forth.

Today Raman Footwear is one of the largest suppliers of boots and footwear of military and paramilitary forces of the country. Shaft trade Into. Is the trading hub and it trades and produces all types of military clothing and combat equipments. Shaft trade supplies goods to countries like India, Nepal, Sierra Leone and Nigeria. Hessian Aimed is the eldest son of 5 siblings.

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He is from Barbarian of Comical but he has never stayed in his hometown since his birth. His father was a doctor of ten Pakistan Army. It Is Decease AT tens lineage Is broadly winy née Ana contacts Trot the army. After his father’s retirement, as an elder brother it was his responsibility to take care of his family. He completed his honors degree from Dacha College and was in search of a career.

During his early days he was constantly put to test. He started and failed in a number of small ventures. In his early days he did business starting from the manufacturing of soap to trade of bags.

He failed so many times that when asked he could not recall all his ventures. But his patience and perseverance paid off.

As his father was in the military he was always fascinated by the ways and lifestyle of the army. He always wanted to Join the army but the circumstances did not allow him to do so. Thus he thought of ways to benefit and help out the Bangladesh army. In 1985 he started Meghan Trade Into (now Shaft Trade Into) with the name of his first born. In its initiation, it did not have any factory. He basically traded with different countries and supplied the goods to the local market.

Gradually as his business grew he started small scale manufacturing. He outsourced some manufacturing and some goods as well and supplied military clothing and combat equipments to the local market. Today, Shaft trade supplies to the Navy, Airborne, Police, Nanas, PDP, BAG and fire brigade along with the army. In 1999 Hessian Aimed started his most successful venture Raman Footwear in the name of his only son. Raman Footwear manufactures boots and shoes for the military and Para military forces. Raman Footwear is now one of the major suppliers of boots and shoes to the Bangladesh army.

All these shoes are manufactured locally with high quality leather and P. V. C. From a venture that started from the scratch with no other backing Raman Footwear and Shaft trade’s annual turnover today is 8-10 core take. The companies now have organized workforce, skilled employees and offices.

There are two factories one for each venture with more than 200 skilled labor in each. These factories produce 200-1000 shoes per day. All of this has been possible for the hard work of this one man. He is not only a cunning and efficient business man above all he is a very honest and Just man.

He has faced the reality of poverty and failure. Thus he knows how to value wealth and handle success.

During all these years of business he has never been accused of any illegal practices or dishonesty. He has respect for the existing rules and laws of the country and thus runs his business likewise. As an entrepreneur he has always focused on maintaining quality and durability of his products. In order to ensure that he has gone to great lengths. Thus for ventures which started with a small capital and no prior support they are now thriving and growing constantly.

So Hessian Aimed is a very accomplished entrepreneur and an exemplary figure for the future generation. S I DUD: venture RAMAN FOOTWEAR Raman Footwear, one of the major boot suppliers of the Bangladesh Army, was established in the year 1999. Today it is one of the leading military Footwear manufacturers in Bangladesh. It has successfully completed a large range of orders, home and abroad. Raman Footwear makes military shoes of different types, according to demand.

Its range of military Footwear, include, Boot DMS, Boot AIMS, Desert Boot, Jungle Boot, Combat Boot, Mountain Boot, Snow Boot, Derby Shoe and many more.

Other than these the company also manufactures canvas shoes, Jungle shoes, Jogging shoes of different types and Naval White shoes. Raman Footwear supplies boots to military and Para military forces namely Bangladesh Army, Bangladesh Police, Bangladesh Navy, Bangladesh Nanas, PDP, Bangladesh Border Guard and Fire Brigade. Back in 1991 Raman Footwear was one of the very few suppliers of Bangladesh Army. In 14 years a lot of new players have entered the picture. These companies compete in terms of volume, quality and cost.

Over the years Raman Footwear has established its name in producing good quality hoes at reasonable price.

I née company nutcrackers Its snows Dates mainly on two Doctors; radically comfort. The company always tries to use the best material available in the market. That involves finding the best grade of leather, as well as utilizing the latest rubber technology and P. V.

C to make the most durable soles for the boots. The company tries to provide these quality shoes at a reasonable rate. The company not only supplies to the Bangladesh army but also to the international market. Shoes produced in Raman Footwear’s factory are supplied to other countries through Shaft Trade International.

Shank Trade is the trading unit of the business; another venture of Raman Footwear’s proprietor Hessian Aimed. Its worldwide market extends to India, Nepal, Sardinia, Sierra Leone and Nigeria.

Raman Footwear has one factory which is located in Army teak, Attar. The production capacity of this factory is 300 to 1000 pairs of shoes per day. The factory section accommodates two structures covering floor 10,000. Soft area, for production and storage. A good number of auto and semi auto machineries are used. Also some works are done manually.

A separate structure accommodates the office space.

About 200 skilled and unskilled workers work in the factory section. The management body works incessantly to make the business flourish. Under the leadership of the managing director Hessian Aimed the company has very strict, almost military like operations. The management body consists of Managing Director, General Manager, Manager (Production, Export and Administration), Manager (Factory), Supervisor (Production), Accounts Staff, Export Officer, Factory workers (Skilled and Semi Skilled), Security Guards. A lot of challenges and breakthroughs have come the way of the company since its initiation.

Price fluctuation, price hike of raw materials are ever nagging challenges for the company. Prices are rising but it is difficult to make the clients understand these factors. Thus little rise in market price causes instability in the sale of products. Government shortcomings also pose major challenges. For example poor banking service and working service which is hampered very frequently due to strikes is a major issue. Political instability is a constant problem.

At present with changing government the challenge is even higher. As the company’s main client is Bangladesh

Army, change in the administration of the army can cause trouble to the business. Unlike other shoe manufacturers, there is no retail sale of the shoes. Raman Footwear has high quality leather and canvas shoes, but they are only provided to the military forces. This makes the business very much dependent on Bangladesh army.

One such obstacle was faced by the company when Bangladesh army decided to start its own manufacturing unit in Saver in year 2011. This factory meant they no longer needed manufacturers such as Raman Shoes to provide them with shoes.

This came as a blow to the company and Hessian Aimed almost went out of business. But ultimately the factory failed to produce the large volume of boots and shoes as per ten anemia AT ten armed Torte Ana Ana to resort to suppliers Like Raman Footwear. Raman Footwear now has growing turn out each year and the business is constantly growing. For a business which started right from the scratch Raman Footwear is now one of the major giants which supplies goods to the armed forces.

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