Case Study on Venture Capital

Venture Capital Case Study:

Venture capital is the capital of the great rich companies invested into the young brand new firms in order to enable their development and proper functioning. It is obvious that investors take enormous risks investing millions of dollars into certain projects of the young ambitious companies that is why it is very important to analyze the ability of the firm to develop and make profit. Great companies invest money mostly into new firms which need money to work out and embody certain concepts and hope to receive great profit in future. The most common targets of investment are companies specializing on computer technologies, information technologies, nanotechnologies and medicine. Today these spheres are very popular and well-developed corporations invest money into such projects to earn more than they have invested.

The majority of the companies, connected with computers, IT and the Internet exist only due to the venture capital of the great companies. Very often the companies which exist due to the venture capital lose everything and face the problem of bankrupting, because the brand new service or product has not met the expectations of the creators and as a result the great corporation loses money too, that is why the process or investing is very risking and is often harmful for business.Venture capital is a useful method to make profit for great companies, but at the same time it can be the source and the reason of complete failure. When a student is asked to create a case study on the topic, he has to look through a great number of literary sources which explain the meaning of venture capital, present its types, advantages and disadvantages, strong and weak sides. A case on venture capital is most often based on the problem of failure or success of a certain company which was financed by a great corporation. A student has to research the history of the development of the company and see the effect of the investment, analyze how it managed to flourish and prosper or, on the contrary, why it has bankrupted though it possessed much resources and potential for the development.

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Writing a case study is a difficult job, because it requires time and responsibility. One has to work out vast amounts of literary sources, if he wants to complete a case study successfully. The best way to find out how to prepare a good paper of this kind is to read free sample case studies on venture capital in India which can be found in the web. When one looks through a free example case study on venture capital financing, he will catch the idea of successful paper writing and will manage to prepare his own one according to the standards and general rules.