Case Study Essay: Mexico

Mexico Mexico has had a long time issue with its border next to the united States, drug smuggling is one of the more infamous of the issues. But, more often than not when people think of issues with Mexico, they think about the problems with illegal immigrants. Drug smuggling is one issue that greatly impacts both Mexico and the United States and is often hidden behind issues with Immigration. Mexico has been trafficking drugs illegally now since the sass’s Into the united States.

Many Americans are aware of the narcotics being smuggled Into the United States Illegally, UT many are not aware of what the drug cartels are doing to Mexico. Mexico has been dealing with the Drug Wars since 2006, a total of 1.

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6 million people have been displaced and more than 100,000 people have been killed(Wick). Drug Cartels are a major problem for Mexico, the cartels are hindering Mexico development and tearing Mexico apart. Drug smuggling all began when Miguel Angel Felix Gaylord formed the Quadrangular drug cartel In the offs.

Gaylord first began by smuggling opium and marijuana across the U. S. Border, but made a deal with the Colombian cartel leader Pablo Cobras to transport and smuggle cocaine as well.

In the inception of the drug cartels, Gaylord was the only cartel leader in the sass’s and he was able to gain control of all of the routes into the United States such as Cicada Curare and Tijuana. In 1985, the Quadrangular cartel suffered a major blow when Rafael Carr Quainter the Gaylord decided to split up the cartel into different sections so It would become difficult for law enforcement to track it.

The different routes for trafficking into the United States were split up to deferent members, Gaylord would remain in power nagging the trafficking but now he relied heavily upon other members of the cartel. The death of cartel leaders often causes power vacuums in which cartel leaders hope to seize more power In Mexico drug smuggling operations. When Gaylord was arrested In 1989, it led to extreme violence and power struggles that are still going on today.

This ultimately broke up the Quadrangular cartel and gave birth to the new cartels all over Mexico now separate from each other.

On December 1 lath, 2006 president Feline Cauldron sent 6,500 troops into Anchorman where drug violence twine the cartels had been ongoing. This was the first operation against organized-crime and began the Drug War that is still going on. Lazars Careens used to be a heavily used Industrial Port by the Mexican Government, but since the drug wars began things have changed. Members of the Knights Template cartel in the past decade took over the port and import most of their methamphetamine from China and cocaine from Columbia.

Last month, the president of Mexico Unripe Penn Nineteen launched a federal attack on the port in order to cut off the cartel from its imported goods.

The government was able to successfully take Lazars Careens and president Nineteen has ordered the navy to patrol ten port. A week Deter ten attack, ten Inklings lamellar cartel Idle up Ethereal power plants and gas stations in Anchorman, a state that was already out of control(LA). Unfortunately for the government, it can only do so much.

Fighting the cartel in instances like Lazars Careens certainly help stop the cartels, but the invasion only affected one cartel out of 8 major cartels. Also within the federal police force, there are members who are corrupt and accept bribes from the cartel to pay them to not do their Job of policing.

The Mexican economy has been struggling which has lead to unemployment, leading to new cartel members. The cartels are able to sustain themselves because of people who are out of work. Many unemployed people out of desperation Join the cartel.

If the government is going to be successful a number of things need to happen. The government needs to decrease the unemployment rate, needs to stop shipments of illegal drugs, and most of all needs to stop corruption within its federal forces in order to stop the drug cartels.

The drug cartels are clearly causing problems for Mexico economy and its citizens. Citizens of Mexico have their lives altered everyday by the cartel. Displacement, death, and corruption are present in almost all of the citizens lives.

Bottoming, the Mexican people along with the federal government believe that it is an issue that needs to be dealt with. The only people who do not believe the drug cartels are an issue are the suppliers and the cartel members themselves! The United States are unfortunately intertwined with the Drug War because of its border with Mexico. Drug cartels make an estimated $29 billion annually from drug sales in the United States(CNN).

Also, out if all the weapons being used by the cartels, nearly 70% came from the United States. In 2008 Congress passed the Merriam plan which would provide 1. Billion dollars to Mexico and Central America and also provide federal law enforcement and supplies. In 2009 research done by the military estimated that if the war was to last for 25 more years Mexico would collapse(Wick). The study also found the cartels had a presence in more than 200 U. S.

Cities, something had to be done. In March 2009 the United States announced that they would ramp up efforts to stop the flow of weapons and drugs twine the U. S. And Mexico border, thereby initiating involvement in the Drug Wars and the DEAD(BBC).

The United States has to be concerned with the Drug Wars because they are the market for drug trafficking. 90% of the cocaine that enters the United States if from Mexican drug cartels who sell it.

The DEAD (Drug Enforcement Agency) of the United States has been heavily involved in the drug trafficking, they perform investigations relating to the movement of drugs throughout Mexico. The DEAD works specifically on attacking the financial infrastructure of the Mexican drug cartels. The FBI have been working with Mexican federal agents in order to keep drugs out of the United States and to track cartel drug lords.

Americans are forced to deal with the cartels because it threatens the well being of America. The Cartels since their upbringing have caused much harm to Mexico and the United States.

Mexico has undergone social, economic, and political changes since the inception of the cartels. The Cartels have brought mass violence to Mexico, impacted human rights, and have lead to corruption within the government. The Drug Wars have turned the attention of the federal government away from the economy and awards stopping the cartels.

Mexico has been hindered by the drug cartels, because IT teeny can not straddles as sovereign state teen teeny cannot develop as a country. The United States has been forced to change their policies in order to help the federal forces of Mexico and to protect against illegal drug sales within the United States.

The cartels presence in the United States has caused a negative influence on the structure of the country and in the lives of Americans. In short, the cartels have not only caused massive issues in Mexico, but they are affecting the lives of Americans.