Retrieving Tourism in Mexico

To give the task a rather manageable base from which the evaluation will spring, it only would be important to slightly revisit some of the major issues in line with the promotion in question. To begin with, Vive Mexico is a public relations campaign which was recently launched by the President of Mexico. The precise value of the campaign was estimated at ninety two million dollars. Several targets and goals were put in place during the birthing of this noble idea hence the success of the campaign was aimed at promoting a number of key areas or rather sectors in the country.

The main aim of the campaign was to promote travel not only to Mexico but also within the same country. In order to ensure that the strategies put in place were practical and effective, the President made certain key adjustments in certain sectors within the country. For instance, the President asked all the groups concerned with vacation and resort to offer special travel packages and deals as well as discounts. All these were aimed at promoting both the vacation club members and the non-members. In addition to that, the President also involved the citizens and celebrities like athletes and other public figures. These individuals were given room to contribute to the campaign by helping to spread the much needed positive information about tourism in the land.

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Objectives/programming The strategy in this case therefore involved the citizens spreading positive information about Mexican destinations. At the same time, the athletes, actors and other public figures were some of the main individuals who were involved by being allowed to take part in advertisements. These advertisements went a long way in offering testimonials on behalf of Mexico’s Tourism Industry. Some of the internationally popular figures who notably took part in this campaign were; Spanish tenor Placido Domingo, Diego Luna who is a Mexican Film actor and Rafael Marquez who is a football star playing for FC Barcelona. They featured in several adverts all of which were targeted at ensuring that the goals of the public relations campaign launched by the President were met.

The following are therefore some of the outstanding objectives of the public relations promotion: Promoting/changing the face of tourism in Mexico While unveiling the whole issue, The President categorically stated that the venture if appropriately embraced by the citizens and the parties involved, would certainly change the face of tourism in Mexico. According to him, the campaign would involve an unprecedented investment in the Tourism industry. He therefore urged all the involved parties like the advertisement agencies and the tourism fraternity to keenly take note of their responsibilities in order to ensure that much is gained from this project. The President not only viewed the campaign as a mere short term venture meant to correct a periodic lack, however, he assured the citizens that the fruits that would emerge from this campaign would leave a permanent mark in the country’s tourism industry. Enhancing national unity among the Mexican citizens In addition to that, the campaign would also offer an appropriate avenue from which the country’s national unity would be rebuilt. In other words, it is a fact worth noting that bringing the citizens together has been quite a problem due to the recurrent challenges faced by the country.

As a result, the President noted that a selfless involvement in this campaign by the citizens and other individuals would not only boost the image of the tourism industry but also help in re-establishing and consequently stabilizng national unity in the country. Exposing and exploring the capabilities of Mexico in various fraternities Mexico has been little known among its neighbors, perhaps some of the surrounding nations have always believed that the country hasn’t much to attract investments especially in line with tourism. In line with the same aspect, the President also revealed an encouraging statement that the “Vive Mexico” campaign was equally aimed at promoting the capability of Mexico as a country in connection to various fraternities. The above argument can be confirmed from a quoted speech by the President which went thus “The point is for them to say what is true: that Mexico lives, and lives intensely, through each of its people, in each of its neighborhoods, in its fields and in its cities,” Revitalizing the economy of Mexico From the above brief outline with respect to the contents which comprise the campaign, it is evident that the project is not only a promotional project but a national movement which requires the participation of all the citizens as well as the relevant parties involved. At this point, it is important to equally note that the campaign was unveiled at the moment when Mexico as just recovering from the devastating effects of the Swine Flu infection.There had been more than 4,100 cases of the infection with 83 death reports.

As a result of the outbreak, there resulted the closure of schools, restaurants and other public places like the tourist attraction centers and destination places. This phenomenon in actual sense affected the economy of Mexico by $2.2 billion dollars. Consequently, the other major goal of the public relations campaign was to help revive the country’s economy. Evaluation While performing the evaluation of this project, it would be important to attach the responses and discussions to the various goals and objectives of the project.

First of all, the public relations was branded a national movement which was meant to create a national unity hence showing that Mexico is united nation contrary to what many a people have always thought to her. For the short period for which the project has been in phase, the response by the citizens has hit numerous records. Individuals from different parts of the country have shown tremendous interest and commitment to the idea by assisting in spreading information about tourism and other aspects related to the project. At this point, the success of the above stated goal has become more than evident. Through involvement in this campaign, individuals have had an opportunity to interact with one another not only at local levels but also at international levels. This, in one way or the other has assisted in developing unity and cohesion among the Mexican citizen, a fact which can be considered as a positive progress.

One of the ways in which the citizens have shown interest and commitment to this campaign is by making use of the various social arenas like educational settings, entertainment avenues as well as other social gatherings in order to scatter captivating information about the tourism industry. So much is already visible as far as the national unity and cohesion of the country is concerned and much of this can be attributed to the nature of the public relations campaign. The most important target was the tourism industry. This implies, the evaluation would reveal more meaning if it was done in terms of the extent to which the campaign has affected the tourism indusstry. Most tourism resorts and destination areas have indicated a quick response to the call by the President.

For instance, most Hotels and restaurants have now lowered their charges and rates. In addition to that, the tourism and hotel industry has introduced numerous offers to the clients hence ensuring that most of them are attracted. An outstanding example is the PriceTravel which has since introduced offers. In a bid to promote the tourism and hotel industry, the PriceTravel Company which is affiliated to a variety of hotels offers numerous promotions. Most of these offers were and have actually been programmed for the month of October.

In the beach destinations, more than half the hotels operating in such environments have indicated a special deal in their offers to the clients. As a matter of facts, one of the advertisements recently posted by the tourism industry in line with the issue in question goes thus; save with the promotions we offer you and travel to Mexico with the satisfaction of knowing you are contributing to the revitalization of the country. Some of the hotels and destination areas in which there has been notable reduction in cost include; Huatulco, Oaxaca, Manzanillo, Puerto Vallarta, Cancun, Mazatlan and Riviera Maya just to mention but a few. Most of the hotels as well as the destination sites mentioned above have already reported a change in the number of customers who frequent the hotels. In other words, the hotels have more clients especially tourist visiting.

There has been a notable progress in the tourism industry. More of the above results are even expected in the month of October where most hotels are said to have put forward offers and also lowered their rates. This actually indicates that most of tourism related sectors have since become so upbeat to the campaign that none is seemingly willing to be left behind. In actual sense, some of these resorts have now begun getting a national acclaim and recognition. Due to the introduction of offers and lower rates while offering the services, most of these resorts have since registered an increase in the number of clients. The campaign has led to the boosting of the tourism industry by a remarkable ten percent since its introduction.

It is equally a fact worth noting that the project has not taken long yet some of its fruits are already remarkably evident. Through this campaign, many a people have been made aware of the existing rich tourism cites in the land. Through this, the hidden capabilities of the nation which were never of much help have now been revealed hence boosting the country in numerous ways. In addition to that, the sudden gain in stability by the tourism industry has equally gone a long way in affecting some other pertinent sectors in the country. For instance, there has been the creation of more employment opportunities especially for the tour guides and the hotel attendants just to mention but a few.

This has in turn led to the improvement of the living standards in most parts of the country. The other important achievement which was revealed by the evaluation is the kind of lift that Vive Mexico has accorded to the country’s economy. Going by the details of the discussion above, it is evident that the campaign has played a major role in assisting in the revitalization of the country’s economy. Through the introduction and implementation of some of the main strategies of the public relations campaign, the country’s economy has once more been helped up its feet. This can be confirmed from most financial records especially those recently released by the Tourism sector.