Case Study – Food bank

First, we have to make sure what Is the core purpose for this committee meeting. Smart facilitators know that clarify of purpose in essential for effectiveness. ” (p. 39).

As there are many poor residents immigrate in this community from other places, the food bank will no long be able to satisfy the community’s needs on account of the insufficient donations from local business. Therefore, the problems about how to raise the additional funds in order to balance the coming year’s budget for these new residents should be talked about In this meeting firstly.

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It has to be specific that what methods the volunteers can use to raise money and why the methods they select can ally help them to raise money successfully. It aims to make sure the approaches that we present will work. The second thing is to identify the boundaries not only in internal environment within the committee but external environment. In terms of Internal environment of committee, I as a facilitator have to determine who will be Involved In this first committee.

In other words, I need to select some participants who have a closed connection with the final decision that comes out from the meeting. Smart facilitators prefer to hold a briefing with the participants prior to a facilitated eating. ” (p. 44). Except me, there are four people in this meeting. The first participant of meeting is Bob Smith.

He is a long-time volunteer. He is energetic and sociable to get some good opportunities. The second one is Jane Unmans. The reason why I select her as a member of committee Is that she has good ties to the local business community. Because Jane Unmans is a local restaurant owner, she often maintains frequent contacts with her business partners in the local business community.

Besides, she is a time-saver, it is helpful to drive this committee meeting o be completed effectively within the limited ninety minutes.

The third person involved in this meeting is Mikado Sat. Even though she is an economics graduate from Japan without much experience, she Is very Insight and provides a supplement of economics expertise for the meeting. Most Important of all, I need a quiet participant like her in our meeting to think calmly some major points by avoiding conflicts. The last participate is a professional musician, Carols Scares.

He is passionate about the arts. His function in this meeting is to talk about if we can earn mom money by conducting a fundraising show for charity agencies and local companies.

Thus, his existence may enrich and change the final decisions about what moments to release ten AAA t 01 IANAL money Tort ten new residents the first committee meeting have been identified. I onus, all participants In In additional to the internal boundaries, I also need to identify some boundaries outside of the meeting.

In the first meeting, there are Just ninety minutes for participants to make decisions, so facilitator has to prescribe and structure the steps f discussion and decision-making before the meeting started. Another external boundaries should be about when the meeting start and where we meet. They are necessary to make sure the meeting is going smoothly and successfully. After I finish all preparations above, I as a facilitator must pay more attention to define my facilitation guide based on the final products and probable issues of meeting.

Facilitation guide is the detailed road map for facilitators themselves.

It can be treated as the facilitators’ version of agenda of meeting. I will think about the epics we have to cover in the meeting around fundraising. They include the brainstorming for decision-making, the specific approaches to support our decisions, and the measurement of the practicability of all approaches. The key points in this process are to find out the final products of meeting and list the probable issues. “Identifying the desired product allows you to transform what might be a highly nebulous purpose statement into a set of distinct deliverables that define achievement of the purpose.

” (p. 41).

In this case, the final product of the first omitted meeting will be the development of action plans about how to deal with the lack of funds for the ample food supply in the coming year as the newly increased population move to the community. In addition, the probable issues that should be resolved in preparation involve the meeting room change and purpose and agenda review. Because the first committee meeting has been scheduled and it Just has ninety minutes for us to discuss and make decisions, I should optimize the process of the meeting based on the principle of high-effectiveness and time saving.

I suggest that it is better for all participants to have an informal meet in the preparatory stage of this meeting.

It really helps all the participants and facilitator in understanding all steps or processes clearly. We also can use this opportunity to assign different tasks to the participants in accordance with their different features and specialties. This is a good way to enable the first meeting to be conducted with the both of high quality and less time. This is the preparatory steps I will take to set the stage for a productive meeting.