The Old Bank Case Study

The Old Family Bank Case Study Mr.

. H. Day, the UP of management Information systems of Old Family bank started to examine various areas of the bank which Included turnover rates, attendance Issues and productivity of each group within the bank. In his findings, Mr.. Day didn’t find any startling facts except in the check-sorting and computer services department.

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In his findings, Mr.. Day discovered that the check-sorting department ranked first as the most productive unit and the computer services came in last in productivity.


Day decided to speak to each member of both respective departments to gain some insight into the dynamics of each group’s behavior (Brown, 2011 p. 141). Problems Macro The members of the check-sorting department felt a strong sense of loyalty to the bank. These workers felt that management put more emphasis on production rather than support units ( Brown, 2011 p. 141).

In the data processing department, members received better pay raises and had a major gap in between the areas with different skill differences.

On the other hand, these members had little loyalty to the ann.. Micro The computer services department were loyal to each other but had very little loyalty to the company. The check-sorting department felt disrespected based upon their pay level(s) and felt that the company doesn’t value their strong contributions to the company.

Causes The managers over both of the computer services department and check-sorting have not explained the pay scale and how It Intertwines with the rest of the organization’s department.

In addition, each of the managers of the respective teams o not know how the employees feel or what was actually going on within their departments. Each team should have an open forum where employees can voice their opinions and know that their managers will try to find a resolution to their problem(s). Systems affected Productivity is greatly affected within both teams. The data that is processed within both teams greatly affects the banks’ entire operations. Inter-departmental relationships.

The computer services team seems Like they only care about their particular area and not the entire bank. Whereas the check-processing department mains loyal to the bank despite their current working conditions. Alternatives The bank must have a unified team regardless of the department and the rate of pay. Must research salary rates by each group’s respective industry. Each group’s pay scale should be adjusted so that the bank remains competitive and retains its’ current employees.

Each manager must emphasize loyalty to the bank. Each group must realize that they play an intricate part in the banks overall success. Recommendations The bank should do a quarterly and annually employee engagement survey that the many can see what how employees feel towards their department and the company as a whole; and what they can do to improve employee loyalty and what needs to be improved.

Employees should receive a decent pay raise based upon individual performance, team performance and the company’s performance. The bank can create a loyalty program so that employees will be rewarded for their loyalty to their team and to the company.