Case Study for Filter Market

Business situation Our client Is an auto parts manufacturer and Is seeking revenue growth opportunities for its struggling filters business. The filters business, named BBC Filters, currently sells oil and air filters for consumer and commercial vehicles. In addition to automotive filters, BBC historically invested in emerging air filter technologies for large, natural gas turbines (CT) used for power generation.

The process of combustion natural gas for power generation requires a tremendous amount of air intake (-720,000 aft of air every minute of operation) and a turbine may deed up to 1,000 intake filters to remove harmful contaminates that erode and foul the turbine’s function. Abs’s R&D investment has recently developed a cartridge-shaped ‘EIA’ synthetic filter with a self-cleaning mechanism that significantly reduces turbine cleaning downtime. Unlike other filters sold in the market, the ‘SEC will allow turbine operators to efficiently generate electricity in harsh operating conditions (excessive heat, high humidity, high pollution, etc. . If launched successfully, BBC will be selling the first ‘DID’ grade gas turbine filter with a self- leaning mechanism.

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BBC is also looking at utilizing its filters servicing expertise to provide associated services for ‘EIA’ customers. Although our client has high expectations for this technology, they lack deep knowledge of the natural gas power generation filter market. The client has engaged your team to assess the attractiveness of this growth opportunity and provide a market entry strategy should they choose to proceed with the filter launch.

The brief for your team involves 1 Market sizing 2 Lay out an approach to size the gas turbine filter market. Calculate the size of the addressable market for the client’s product (I.

E. , cartridge synthetic filter subsequent) and prioritize geographies based on market attractiveness. 3 Identify macro/micro trends that could influence the gas turbine market In the future. Explain the effect of these trends on future market attractiveness. 4 5 Value proposition 6 Develop a value proposition for the Ell filter that highlights advantages over the E, EYE bananas. 8 Go to market (GTRM) 9 Based on your research of the market environment and Abs’s capabilities, what re the possible GTRM options for BBC? Evaluate the options and provide a recommendation on the most suitable GTRM approach for the client.

10 Ground Rules Feel free to use external research sources and make logical assumptions where necessary. Please ensure that all external sources, data, and assumptions are captured explicitly In your deliverable. Please make all submissions In Powering format, Limiting the mall deliverable to a maximum of eight slides (Including one- slide executive summary).