Case Study Guide

Case Studies When preparing to write your case studies, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. First, you have to read both issues of the study before you can begin writing your case study. Secondly, when you begin your case study, the first page and a half should summarize both articles.

The second page and a half should then explain which side you agree with and why.

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Do not Just say “l don’t believe that schism is a permanent feature in America because I have not experienced it,” or “l do believe that racism is a permanent feature in America because I have experienced It. ” No matter which side you choose, be specific in your explanation of why you chose that side. For example, you can argue that Hurricane Strain did not expose racism because according to Shelby Steele, poverty was the true issue that was exposed during the aftermath of that horrific storm.

Then you would go on to support your lain by incorporating evidence from the article that supports your side, as well as other sources.

For example, you should use manuscripts, newspapers, Journals, and lecture notes from your classes to help formalize your argument. Finally, the last page of your paper should summarize your entire paper. Keep In mind, that your paper has to be 1000 words, which equals four full pages. Also, the font of your paper should be times new roman and the font size should be 12 point. If you do not adhere to these requirements, your paper will be graded accordingly.