Case study housing authority

This research project is designed to provide the Phoenix City Housing with an area demographic comparison and provide recommendations on the enhancing the current Job training opportunities and partnerships.

This research paper will align with the strategic plan of the Phoenix City Housing Authority Strategic plan. This research paper limited the demographic research too 100 mile radius of Phoenix City Alabama area. By limiting the research to a manageable radius, the research would provide the best data possible to Phoenix City Housing Authority and low an ease of cooperation purely based on geographic distance.

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Additionally, the research will provide social and economic comparisons that would more closely mirror those of Phoenix City Housing Authority. This paper will provide three separate deliverables as part of the group project requirement.

Deliverable one researched the different kinds of Job skill training made available within the selected radius. Deliverable two focused on researching the “for profit groups” that provides specialized services within the transportation arena which provide exclusive service o the resident of the Phoenix City Housing Authority.

Finally, deliverable three focused on potential and possible partnerships with the “for profit” groups and the Phoenix City Housing Authority. These possible partnerships will showcase areas of potential collaboration and long term services to the Housing Authority. Before the research the research could be conducted thoroughly, several definitions needed to be base lined.

Also to avoid conducting unnecessary research the research group thoroughly studied the 2014 Strategic Plan for the Housing Authority. Lastly understanding the benefits available to the residents of a housing authority was imperative.

What is a Housing Authority? Housing authorities are independent agencies who are chartered under state and federal law. Their charter is to act as a not-for-profit organization that acts as a public corporation on behalf of the residents. The housing authorities typically have very strong relationships with the local, state and federal governments.

Additionally, housing authorities receive a financial subsidy from the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development. Housing authorities don’t receive any financial assistance from local or state governments.

Who is eligible for housing authority assistance? Most housing authorities in the United States and particularly in Alabama and Georgia maintain a threshold of financial requirements to be a participant in the housing authority and in accordance federal law of section 8 US code. To be eligible for benefits, a person or family unit must be able to show financial hardship. The financial hardship is typically considered low income.

Those income levels are based n the median income level as defined by the United States Housing and Urban Development. Table 1 below is not intended to suggest that the Phoenix City Housing Authority is responsible for these different local populations, it is provided to base line the demographic attributes that contribute to the housing authority and will also help draw conclusion about Russell County Alabama. County Median Income Population 4 year degree or > Russell County, Alabama $33,500. 00 57,800 Lee County. Alabama $59,000. 00 143,000 Chattahoochee County, Georgia $48,684.

00 13,000 28% Harris County, Georgia 68,000. 00 32,500 Muscle County, Georgia $41 ,o. O 198,000 22% Stewart County, Georgia $28,000. 00 6% Table 1 Interesting conclusions can be drawn by the demographic information above. Focusing the analysis on Russell County Alabama, the research suggests that 86% of the residents of the county earn an average of $29,633. 00/year.

Ii Table 2 below suggests that the income gap between less than high education, high education and college education are great. This void contributes to communities and their resident’s ability to live in affordable housing without assistance is very difficult.

Further the conclusion must be drawn that attaining higher levels of income will decrease unemployment and increase income and buying power over time. Table 2 If an applicant falls under the median income level of less than 80% or lower level, the applicant will typically meet the threshold for financial requirement. Addition requirements for the applicant are no debt to the housing authority, no criminal records, and must be a US citizen. What are the goals of the Housing Authority?

The first goal of the housing authority is to provide a quality living environment for hose members of a given community who cannot afford housing on their income alone.

The second goal is to help individuals gain financial independence, increase self-sufficiency skills, and develop positive family outcomes. Iii The research of the geographical area has shown a large gap in the level of education, the level of income and the level of buying power. Russell County Alabama housing authority: Russell County has a population of 57,800 residents according to the most recent 2012 census information with a medium income of $33,500. 0. Iv Within Russell County the most current analysis is that nearly 4500 residents live within the housing authority.

Seven percent of the residents of Russell County are residents of the Housing Authority program and only half of the residents over the age of 18 have graduated from high school. While Russell County is continuing to develop their strategic plan, it is imperative that the county looks at ways to increase self- sufficiency and actively promote a path way to financial independence.

The draft strategic plan does not mention the phrase “Job training” anywhere. The word raining only appears three times. If the housing authority truly wants to enhance their pathway to financial improvement, they must immediately focus on ways to provide enhancement training and Job training.

While Russell County does not currently offer formal Job skill training outreach programs, Russell County has many resources available to them for potential partnerships or collaboration efforts. Having looked at the six local counties in direct proximity of Phoenix City, the research has lead to several conclusions. The advice we would offer to the Phoenix City housing authority would contain a 3 phase strategy that must be formally captured within their strategic plan to help improve their Job training programs and ultimately provide a pathway to help individuals gain financial independence, increase self- sufficiency skills, and develop positive family outcomes. First would be to capitalize on the academic institutions available to them.

A partnership with Troy University or Columbus State University capitalizing on the academic expertise and mentors program to help housing authority resident gain confidence and competence while hey search for employment opportunities.

Secondly, partner with the local professional organizations that call this area headquarters. Companies like FLAG, Synonymous, and Total Systems all have requirements to participate in community service projects. Capitalizing on this local talent would dramatically improve the likelihood of finding satisfying employment.

While the group fully appreciates that these programs will likely cost money and it would be naive of us to think everything can be solved with programs and money. But certainly a case could be made that to improve on the self-sufficiency programs, stable employment is necessary.

Deliverable 3 The most difficult piece of research to obtain from the housing authority is the question of who and how many want to find a path way out and move towards a different lifestyle. A survey, questionnaire, or interview would truly have had benefit in this research project.

Therefore, giving the lack of that critical piece of information, this research paper made an assumption that a percentage (unknown) would like to move out of the housing authority and seek to gain financial independence, increase self-sufficiency skills, and develop positive family outcomes. Conducting research on the best low paying Jobs in the United States, then conducting research on local Job postings available in the local area several Job training and Job opportunities came to light. I The research found that there were over 576 restaurants in the Columbus and Phoenix City area. Vii Working in a restaurants opens ups several Job opportunities.

A housing authority resident could possibly find work as a fast food cook. A fast food cook would prepare and cook food n a fast food restaurant with a limited menu. Duties of these cooks are limited to preparation of a few basic items and normally involve operating large-volume single- purpose cooking equipment.

Other Jobs related to the fast food restaurant could be a dishwasher, a waiter, a counter attendant or cashier. The training for these Job opportunities are minimal and require anywhere from a few days to a few months of training.

Pay for these Jobs are typically at the minimum wage area. Viii Nationally nearly 500,000 worker fill these roles and are evenly split between men and women. The research found another area of Job opportunity for undereducated people was the Personal Care Aides.

In the Columbus and Phoenix City are the research found that there were 10 retirement homes, 6 hospitals and 4 hospice centers. The role of the personal care aid is simple, it is to assist the elderly, convalescents, or persons with disabilities with daily living activities in a care facility. Training is fast and no previous work-related experience is required.

Typically this field is comprised of mostly female workers who earn slightly above the minimum wage scale.