Case Study on Affordable Housing

Affordable Housing Case Study:

Affordable housing is the type of housing which is required by the individuals and families which have low and middle household income. It is obvious that with the constant growth of population the demand for affordable housing increases rapidly, because the population growth is also accompanied by such problems as poverty and unemployment.A great number of people with the low and middle household income constantly increases, as they demand to live somewhere, but the supply remains on its firm place. The price on houses increases every year, because the demand is very high and the hosts of the houses do not agree to take little for rent, as there are always people who will agree to his high price. Overpopulation is also supplied by the problem of migration. People from the third world expect to find the better life in the developed countries, but they do not understand that there is no place for them there and it is impossible to find affordable housing there.

Furthermore, the price on building also increases all the time, as the building companies want to gain profit for their work. Next, the expenditures on housing also increase because of the price of the resources (water, electricity, gas, etc) is becoming higher and higher. Affordable housing is a serious problem both in the developed and the developing countries, because all people are equal and everyone has a desire to have his own apartment and does not agree to share the apartment with someone else. This psychological factor (individualism) also influences the problem negatively.Affordable housing is a serious problem all over the world and it is impossible to solve it rapidly and there are the predictions that the situation will become even worth.

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A well-organized affordable housing case study is expected to explain the topic from all sides and touch upon all its core principles, factors and aspects. One should analyze the reasons of the problems which occur with affordable housing, analyze their effect and suggest the appropriate solutions to the problem.Furthermore, the student is supposed to evaluate the problem from the professional point of view and predict the further development of the situation.The best method to cope with a case study is to read a free example case study on affordable housing in the Internet. Such sort of help will be useful for every student, because he learns many new facts about the organization of the core parts of the paper, the right structure and format of the paper and the best manner of the analysis of the problem. A good free sample case study on affordable housing can become a reliable basis for the student’s own paper.