Case study in Maragondon

What strategy can the local government implement to avoid negative criticism in the name play in Markdown’s peaks while promoting Its mountains as a prime tourist destination? Objectives: 1 . To educate the tourists about the names of Markdown’s peaks. 2. To promote the mountains of Marooned as a prime tourist destination. 3.

To use the unique names of the mountains to tick Interests among the tourists. Strengths Popular hiking site scenic views atop Marooned peaks Marooned has more than 40 mountain peaks

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One of the oldest municipalities in Cavity Weaknesses Odd names of the mountains Accessibility of the place Opportunities Development of older trails in Markdown’s peaks Opening of other trails in Marooned The mountains unique names could attract more tourists Threats Neighboring municipalities are claiming ownership of the mountains Economic status Local competitors or attractions New entrants in the industry AC 1 . Put signage stating information about the history of the mountains’ names. 2. More advertisement campaigns or slogans to promote tourism in Marooned using the unique names of Markdown’s peaks.

Create new mountain trails and develop the area.