Case Study on Ecotourism

Ecotourism Case Study:

Ecotourism is the form of tourism which is characterized with the visiting of the undisturbed places free of the influence of the human activity. The term ‘ecotourism’ was introduced in the 1980-ies and the practice of this kind of tourism is becoming more and more popular among the people who are looking for new impressions. Ecotourism is the balance and harmony between recreation and ecology and presupposes the wise usage of the natural values. The main features of ecotourism are the rejection of comfort, mass communication, and the inventions of the human civilization.Furthermore, ecotourism advertises other values: observation of nature and broadening of the outlook and spirit on the basis of the communication with nature.

The main idea of ecotourism is the involvement of tourism into the process of the protection of the natural environment. Tourists are supposed to keep all the litter with themselves and never pollute the environment or cause any damage to animals and plants. Today tourism has become extremely popular among people of the whole world and it causes many problems for the surrounding world, because the majority of tourists are careless and do not know how to behave in the wild nature. Ecotourism is supposed to teach people protect nature and increase their knowledge about the world around. Another plus of ecotourism is the possibility to learn something new about the traditions and culture of the local settlements.

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The most typical places for ecotourism are forests, valleys, rivers and lakes and national parks.If one expects to prepare a successful ecotourism case study, he will need to improve his knowledge on the general aspects of the topic and only then he will manage to focus on the direct problem and solve it effectively. So, a good case study should possess a strict and logical structure and reliable content. A student should collect data with the help of different means and find as much information about the case as possible. The more one knows about the problem and its background the better chances he has to succeed in the writing process.

It is important to find out about the reason of the problem and analyze its consequences. After the profound analysis one will be able to brainstorm an effective solution to the problem and demonstrate his professional skills.The most difficult thing connected with the process of case study writing is the organization of the paper. Fortunately, due to the existence of the Internet one is able to look through a good free sample case study on ecotourism in Kenya or Malaysia, and understand the way of its writing. A free example case study on ecotourism in India is a valuable piece of advice for every student, because he learns about the ways of formatting and data analysis.