Case Study – Marketing for Hospitality and Tourism

Summary Walter Junker Is the executive assistant manager In food and beverage department of the Ritz-Carlton Millennia Singapore hotel. He came up with the event “first annual New World of Food and Wine Festival” The management believed his suggestion would be beneficial and backed the concept with budget, personnel and managerial support. Event also had another purposes like creating publicity for the hotel and developing scholarship fund for students. Starting from opening cocktail reception, the festival was held for four days.

The festival was divided into three sections of nine tasting and dining, with prices ranging from $50 to S 180. Almost all the events during the festival were sold out, and some even had waiting lists.

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In addition, auction of rare wine was conducted to raise funds during the gala dinner. The auction was well supported by guests Ralston over $ 18,000. What about now? Millennia Singapore made “New World of Food and Wine Festival” in 1996. After success in that year, they continued their festivals. This is the picture taken from one internet site.

The site gives us information about entrance fee, the chef who will attend the event and pictures from the event This is the picture about strawberry-flavored white chocolate This is the picture about attendees(chefs) The pictures on the left are Invitation form from the hotel In 2004. It was held for 8 days and lots of programs were planned to attract customers and make them feel the Joy of taste. This article was published in 2012. The content is about the Millennial food and wine festival. Thus, it means they are still holding the festival each year. More than that, they’ve been doing many things inside of the hotel.

In 2011, they opened outdoor function space – Millennia Pavilion, completed innovation of 608 rooms and suites Also, their bathroom was chosen as the world’s sexiest bathroom. In 2012, they ranked top on Customer Satisfaction Index of Singapore 2011 (they ran EAI top on 2011 out ten article was released In 2012 marc). Also, Article showed that Millennia Singapore ranked 73rd out of top 100 hotels in Travel + Leisure’s 2012 World’s Best Awards list In 2013, they celebrated Singapore 48th national holiday with fireworks and buffet breakfast Discussion questions 1 . Was the New World of Food and Wine Festival a good public relations event?

Explain and support your answer Definitions for public relations differ widely. In the book, there is definition of public relations from Hilton International.

The process by which we create a positive image and customer preference through third-party endorsement. New World of Food and Wine Festival was good public relations event for two reasons. First, it matched customer preference. Rich people like fine wine and Millennia hotel matched the preference by serving still wines from the House of Meet et Chanson, Australia . Second, it gave positive image about company.

Auction of rare wine was conducted to raise funds during the gala dinner. The auction was well supported by guests raising over $ 18,000. The aim of this fund was to develop scholarship fund for students to pursue a food and beverage career. It made image that company cares for people and society. Nowadays, we call this “Corporate Social Responsibility’ (CARS). If they failed to make positive image from this event in Singapore, they would be out of business in few years.

Built in 1996, they are still in business. Like the article mentioned above, Millennia is keep holding the food and beverage festival annually.

If they wouldn’t had had many people in 1996, they oldest make the profit, continue the event till now and create positive image about their company. I think that’s why this festival is good example of public relations event. 2.

If you were the public relations director for the Ritz Millennia, in what types of media would you try to get publicity? Explain how your message would vary across the various types of media There are lots of public relation means including radio, newspaper and SONS. If I were the public relations director of Ritz Millennia, I would choose SONS There are some reasons for that.

First of all, from financial view, SONS is better means than radio. After searching radio ad fee, cost was near $ 1,500. This cost was in New York.

Considering that company wants to reach many people, this would be standard. Furthermore, one article says you should budget $ 1,750 at least to have advertisement on the radio. However, when it comes to SONS, it costs only the fee of electricity Ana click. I nuns, It’s much reasonable. Second, when you use SONS, you can reach more people. If you use radio, you can Just reach the listeners who are staying tuned to one certain station.

However, you can have reach far more people using SONS.

From one youth died, it says faceable has more than 500 million users. This means that you can reach lots of users from people all over the world. Therefore, it has more power than other tools. These are the reason why I would choose SONS for public relations.

But there is one thing marketer should take care of. Marketer should create good word of mouth and be careful not to make bad word of mouth at the same time. By satisfying customers with service, they can say good words on their post and also eager to share the postings of your company’s SONS group to their own walls. This would have good influence for your company.

However, guests can make bad word of mouth as well. 3.

How did this event create goodwill with the target market of Ritz-Carlton? Ritz Carlton targets the upper class. From one article, Ritz-Carlton serves breakfast for $700. It’s hard for normal people to spend that much money for Just one meal. Ritz Carlton created goodwill of the upper class by New World of Food and Wine event. First, Ritz Carlton satisfied guests’ preferences.

Upper class people like wine. In one blob posting, it says rich people like fine wine. In addition to drinking it, they like to have knowledge about superior vineyards or rare ND exclusive wines.

Following article also shows that they like wine. James Joiner speculated that as people attain more education and income, they tend to switch from cheep booze to better and more expensive booze.

Millennia Singapore satisfied the taste of rich people by serving still wines from the House of Meet et Chanson, Australia and giving special opportunities to guests to meet winery representatives like Wayne Donaldson from Green Point Winery. Second, Ritz Carlton made positive image by raising funds. From the article, it says the aim of raising funds is developing a scholarship fund for dents to pursue a food and beverage career.