Case study Mazda

But MAZDA advertisement focused more on the performance of the car and made a “mature” image, spent more budgets In advertisement on the magazines, even cooperated with ESP. to appeal to sport fans (the target audience). The Mazda used some direct marketing like sending mails and CD-ROOM to the client.

Also set the website for the model to attract more people, especially the Protege©. Mazda gave a major push to the Proto©g© on the Internet including several fun activities and games, this Internet marketing made a huge success.

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The slogan and advertisements gave the audience a impression of the sporty, fun-to-drive Mazda. The MIMIC program of Mazda gave the company a second birth. 2.

Evaluate Mamma’s decision to drop the “Get In. Be moved” tagging for the Proto©g© and adopt the “Zoom-zoom” theme for is advertising. “Get In. Be Moved” was a powerful slogan for Mazda developed by Done, It created a brand promise to consumers that when you get In a Mazda car, the car can get you moved. It was a success since It can stand for all the models of Mazda.

But the question Is this tagging could not demonstrate the spirit and the distinguishing feature of Mazda. Instead, the “Zoom-zoom” phrase created an environment of senses for the audience. The Zoom-zoom” sound stand for the sound of the engine and wake the inner child of the target audience. This new phrase not only perfectly describe the sporty theme of Mazda, but also more appeal to the consumers. The onomatopoeic phrase together with the Images of the children playing the wheeled object can attract more attention cause human prefer what they saw and heard.

The sound emphasis the fun-to-drive spirit of the Mazda, sums up everything of the company. That is why the phrase “Zoom-zoom” is better than the slogan “Get In. Be Moved”. And using the “Zoom- Zoom” as the slogan of the Mazda is a wise decision. 3.

Evaluate the strategy Mazda Is using to advertise the new MAZDA sports sedan. Do you agree with the decision to use a more mature and less playful approach for the MAZDA? The marketing strategy of MAZDA was different with the strategy of the Protege©, the main reason is the difference in the segmentation.

The target customer of MAZDA is more mature and less active than the target of the Protege©. So the advertisement was focused more on the performance of the car but less playful features. A mid-ass car enthusiast would pay more attention to the appearance and the function of the car, cause they are looking for something can present themselves: mature Ana active.

Since ten target announce AT M likely to be a sport fan, the Mazda spent a lot on the advertisements with the ESP., aiming to gain more attention.

The strategy to build MAZDA a “more mature and less playful” model is brilliant. Compared with the Protege© model, MAZDA is a mid- sedan, less sporty and agile than the subcompact. Also the MAZDA is more expensive than the Protege©, the target of the MAZDA should have more income than the target of Protege©.

So the target of MAZDA is more mature with a higher income, prefer something more practical instead of playful. The segmentation was accurate. . What recommendations would you make to Mazda regarding its integrated marketing communications strategy as the company moves forward?

Since the competition of the automobile is growing fast, Mazda should keep the advantage, since the Mazda is identified as “Zoom-zoom”. It should keep using the phrase to sustain the fame and deliver the brand message. The MIMIC program should pay more attention to the social media since the hasty increase of the Faceable and Twitter users recent years. The model also can have more exposure on the screen Just like the ROUX-8 in the movie X-Men 2. It helps the brand to attract more fans and gain more petition. Mazda should also set more activities to build and reinforce the relationships between the company and the customers.

Fun and promotional activities have a strong appeal to the customers, Sale promotion give the potential customer chance to purchase in a discount and fun activities can make more people to know the car and become potential customers. Mazda should also do efforts to gain the positive image by fund-raising and charity works, cause people prefer to buy things from the company with a positive image.

All in all, Mazda still have a lot to do in the MIMIC field to keep the stage in the competitive market of automobile.