Employee Gambling and Productivity

Employee Gambling and Productivity Case Summary The ethical decision-maker In this case, Dry. Quad Jefferson, Division Director of Vital Statistics, Is faced with the dilemma of allowing his employees to place bets on horses and hold office pools In the face of decreased productivity. On top of that, he participates in an annual football pool, which is illegal in his Jurisdiction, while horse betting is not. The stakeholders in this decision include the employees, the department, and the neural public.

Analysis According to the aspect of virtue In Spar’s Ethics Triangle, a good person would first not be doing anything Illegal Like the director Is doing.

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Secondly, a good person would analyze the situation and see that if employees are not being productive, which means they are not serving the constituents who pay to them be there, then the horse betting should end. The principles that apply here are integrity and honesty. An ethical approach in this situation would involve realizing the consequences Fifth public were to find out bout the employees and find out about the director’s Illegal activity.

Possible Solutions One possible solution in this situation would be for the director to end the football pool, and only allow the horse betting to take place on one day during the week. The advantages to this solution are that morale In the office could be preserved, and the risk of the director’s actively would be alleviated by his termination of the football pool. The disadvantage to this solution is that the employees are still doing omitting that may be perceived negatively by the public.

Another solution would be to end the football pool and end the horse betting. This would make It Dilator tot D n ten employees Ana ten Loretta. Also, ten puddle would not have to know what was going on while their tax dollars were at use. The disadvantage to this is that office morale may be decreased because of it. A final solution would be to let the employee’s continue the horseshoeing but verbally reprimand them and inform them of the noticed decrease in productivity.

This will allow them to continue the pool, but will also hopefully inspire them to increase their work output. Recommended Solution and Rationale I would choose the second solution because it rids the department of all possible negative consequences from the horse betting and from the director’s illegal activity. There are several problems inherent in the activities taking place in this office. The first is that employees are not being productive while serving the taxpayers of the state. That in itself is inappropriate.

Even if their activities are not illegal, they are wasting time. In addition, efficiency is being sacrificed, even if they are doing these activities during lunch, it has been proven by the department’s director that their numbers are down. This solution would be the best solution because of the termination of the director’s illegal activities, the termination of the employee’s time wasting activities, and because it will allow the department to save face with the public and not face scrutiny from the public or legal investigation.