Jay Cohen founded of the world sports exchange, an internet sorts gambling site, in Antiguan, a Caribbean nation. Him being an entrepreneur, he was responsible for all business activities that the business got engaged to. More also, at outset, he founded the business knowing that it would conflict with the law of the united states though his peers encouraged him to proceed. Thus his conviction was justified. In addition, he expanded his business network to the united states and this rendered the business to violate the “Wire Wager Act” which prohibits use of communication facilities to transmit interstate or foreign betting commerce or wagers.

This act proves a crime committed by Jay Cohen’s business (George 2008). However, his business had conducted offshore gambling by getting into the united state’s soil. His action was more of entrepreneurship skillfulness that conducting with accordance to the law. His case was the first under the “Wire Wager Act” and he was convicted on all the eight counts by the District Court. With accordance to the eight counts, the first count found him to have violated it by violating the act whereas all the other counts charged him for act’s substantive violation in connection with the business operation in Antiguan.

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The judgment was done with accordance to the evidence which was gathered by undercover law enforcement agents whose objective is to place bet from New York state. In addition, Cohen was well awareof his business involving the citizens of the united states into offshore betting which was illegal. He carried out business marketing activities through advertisements in radio, television and internet to the united states citizens who well responded top the advertisements. According to the “Wire Wager Act” only the American citizens who could have been charged and convicted for offshore betting and him having been an American citizen he was liable to face the charges (George). To What Extent Should The United States Regulate Gambling?Gambling requires to be heavily regulated since prohibition seems impossible.

Regulation can pave way for fair game practice, whereas prohibition can make gambling activities to be carried out in hiding places. The regulation measures that the government can impose should meet some necessary qualities. The first quality is that, the measure has to be federal rather than a state solution. This is because internet has a wider coverage which could make it strenuous for the state governance to control internet gambling. However, The second quality of the measure should be that the solution be an international regulation measure of gambling. This is because to some extent federal solution may fail especially when laws of different countries are applied.

The international regulation can be effective only when countries comply by forming an international body whiich would have powers to carry out charges and conviction to the gamblers. The third quality would be making individuals to feel the urge to carry out self-regulation. This is possible when heavy charges are imposed to the culprits thus many individuals get afraid of conducting the activity. Should Gambling Be Banned?Gambling is both an economic and a social crime therefore it would be better if it is banned by all countries of the world. Many of the gamblers in the united states are unscrupulous operators who steal other people’s money through use of lies. They mainly use cheating adverts in the media which attract individuals who are in dire need of money from the society.

This is a social crime since the conduct demoralizes these individuals making them less active in the conduct of their obligations. In addition, gamblers never expose their earnings to the country’s revenue author which is an economic crime to evade tax payment. This renders to slow economic growth and rise in inflation when a lot of money lies in the hands of gamblers. More also, majority of the gambling participants lose their money unfairly to the operators whose main aim is to acquire quick riches by stealing other peoples money. Furthermore, politically influential individuals use gambling to acquire campaign funds. This can be referred to be both a social and economic crime.

Therefore, gambling should be banned.