Case Study Meredith

After reading about Meredith marketing information system, I came upon some strengths and weaknesses of it.

A strength that I found was that it was a massive database and also it had in-depth information about customer preferences. The in- depth Information help created a good business-customer relationship, therefore helping them know the constant changing needs and wants of the customer. Lastly, he strength in Meredith company was It could sell Its research for profit.

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A weakness that was in Meredith company was that Its growth mainly depended on the customer preferences, which somewhat could make It unstable. 2. I believe that Impersonal data points could really result In meaningful relationships.

It state In this case study that Meredith marketing research made her believe that It could tell more about a client that a family or friend could. Also, that studying and offering the customers about what they want could possibly lead to customer loyalty. 3.

Yes, Meredith marketing information expertise could transfer into other media and products like websites, television and cable programming, BAG. Com, Parents.

Com, Divorcement. Com, and Paterfamiliases. Com. The magazine publisher transformed to the creator of content that will deliver to women whenever, wherever, and however they wanted. 4. As a company that is still heavily rooted in print, Meredith future ill eventually lead into flat revenue and they are going to have to have extensive marketing information system.

. Some recommendations that I would have to make to Meredith executives are to continue to innovate, create talk shows, and customer blobs. I think that the company would also benefited if they created some sort of contests for their women subscribers discussing which Meredith Corporation brand they love and why. I also suggest that they get into creating contents to relate to men as well and target the men too.