Case Study: MTV

Strategic management is the process of analyzing the current situation, developing appropriate strategies, putting those strategies into action and evaluating and changing those strategies as needed (Coulter, 2013). This is exactly what MET has done over the years since the beginning of Its Journey, which began In 1981. MET has been using a first in market strategy, with the addition of MET Asia, Latin America, Turkey and Arabia, which in turn Is helping them to succeed by focusing on several different ranges.

Due to MET covering such a wide array, they have an estimate of over 120 channels worldwide (Coulter, 2013).

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In 2010, Mats ratings In their core audience, 18-34 year-olds, has Increased 16 percent; this Is the biggest annual Increase since 1999 (Coulter, 2013). Since becoming a subsidiary of Fiasco, MET now owns and operates other cable networks, which Include Nickelodeon, COM and Spike TV, among many others (Coulter, 2013). The cable network also operates MET films In addition to Paramount Pictures.

Because MET has broaden their orisons, it continues to be the financial engine of Fiasco, in 2011 MET accounted for an estimate of 61 percent of Fiasco’s annual revenue and operating profits (Coulter, 2013). Just as with anything else, in order to continue to be successful, plans must be put into place.

Despite the success that MET has had since 1981, they also must continue to find ways to maintain their success. “As a brand, MET has moved beyond durable, managing to reinvent itself continuously and in doing so presenting a fast moving target that has left many would-be rivals in the wake. Coulter, 2013) Based on this statement, I do not believe that MET will face any challenges in regards to crafting future digital and global strategies; although their website Overdrive never took, right along with their digital store urge (Coulter, 2013). It has been proven over the years with the different implementations MET has made, with the deferent shows, owning and operating different networks and developing an e- business for sites such as dance. Met. Com that the cable network will be able to stand its ground.

Judy had Eden a part T MI v since Trot ten Dealt AT ten network (Coulter, 2 so, any challenges that MET may face due to this change would occur if the President of Fiasco, who took over for Judy, strays away from the strategy Judy had put into place. It has been said by executives connected to the company that the resignation of Judy was due to the President of Fiasco’s offer to her, which would have changed her duties (Coulter, 2013). If this stands to be true then it looks like there will be changes to strategy of MET.