Case Study Guidebook

Each of the listed categories will be rated on a scale from 1 to 5 with 1 indicating that the required material is not presented and five that each of requirements were met as specified below: * Abstract: 250 words summarizes the basic issues and recommendations of the * Introductory Material: Provide a well-developed summary for the case paper study.

A clearly defined problem statement is presented; the issues are placed Nothing a broader context; the importance of the issues is discussed; provide ideas/ suggestions for implementation; and provide a brief description of the organization of the paper. * Body of the Paper: Each of the categories is thoroughly addressed and demonstrates the application of the Leadership Action Cycle. Mission and Purpose of the Agency * Objectives of the Manager * Risks and Problems * Stakeholders -External and Internal Actors & the Environment Constraints * Opportunities Outcomes & Elements of a Stable solution * Legacy and/or long term improvement * Strategies for actions for achieving desired outcomes * Assess the potential for success of your strategy * Tools and * Paper demonstrates a thorough knowledge of the leadership/management issues and presents a well-defined strategy to address them.

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Concepts and theories are use appropriately, and their use demonstrates an understanding of the ideas used. The paper makes a strong, well-supported argument for the proposed strategy o address the issues/challenges. Brief examples are used to support assertions effectively. The paper focuses on analysis not description. * Conclusion: Conclusions are logical; they address the central issues, suggest possible strategies for addressing these issues and are tied to the mission and goals of the agency.

The author demonstrates how this framework can be used in your future career to address management/leadership issues. Presentation’s Clarity and Style: The project contains no serious error in grammar, spelling or mechanics rhea paper follows the formatting guidelines and the page layout facilitates understanding of the narrative. Navigation between sections is clear. * The paper is well organized and the reader can easily navigate the material (topic headers are used where appropriate)