Organizational Levels. A Case Study

Using the above scenario, consider Organizational Level 1: Key Players (Stakeholders) and Business Ideas (Purpose). Which Leadership Challenge response is most appropriate: Establishing, Refining, or Monitoring? Using the theories discussed In Chapters 1-4, explain why you chose that response. In my pollen refining Is the most appropriate leadership challenge for the above scenario.

Developing superior graphic design products and services through Innovation, teamwork and leadership is List’s mission. Due to the expansion of the company teamwork and leadership have been affected most.

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New employees are less trained thus, they lack proper leadership quality. People in habit of working for a small company where they knew each and everyone suddenly had to work for a large company where their opinions and values were not concerned. Thus keeping in mind of these situations refining in management is required in Lists to achieve its mission.

2 )Slung the above scenario, consider Organizational Level 2: Entity (Culture) and Strategy (Mission). Which Leadership Challenge response Is most appropriate: Defining, Shaping, or Publicizing? Ins the theories discussed In Chapters 1-4, explain why you chose that response List’s mission is to develop superior graphic design product through innovation, teamwork and leadership. Due to sudden change in the management, employees’ adaptation in the new environment has been difficult. So shaping the management as per the company’s mission is the appropriate leadership challenge response 3) using the above scenario, consider.

Using the theories discussed in Chapters 1-4, explain why you chose that response. Empowering the employees is the best option for the above case scenario.

Increase in the turnover rates and absent leaves suggests that employees have lost their energy and passion working for the company. One of the main reasons for this situation is the lack of concern management has shown towards the employees. Empowering employees makes them feel of importance and the fact company giving them an important responsibility generates a desire and passion to fulfill the task effectively.