Case Study: Organizational Behavior

What would you say? In speaking with Elizabeth, I would mention that the store Is performing well and has been meeting expectations thus far. After being positive about the store’s performance I would lead into the issues I am having with the management there. At this point, I have not been able to get the complete story from all involved so I would be delicate in how I described it to Elizabeth.

From the complaints received, I don’t believe it is an issue that I can’t correct.

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I would inform her that there have been some complaints in how Jim has handled the staff, and I would let her know that I Lana on visiting the new store and discussing these issues with Jim. 2. Elizabeth has years of experience and has offered objective perspectives In the past, and she supports employee development while maintaining good performance on the Job. You decide to share your concern about Jims early leadership style with her. What do you say?

While informing Elizabeth of the issues I am having at the new store I would invite her input on how to approach the situation since she has experience in dealing with this sort of issue.

Elizabeth would be able to help me recognize whether or not this s a serous situation that I need to focus on resolving immediately, or if it Just requires some performance management. I would hope that we could bounce ideas off of each other and decide together on the best way to handle the performance issues. 3. What are going to track closely with the new team?

I would definitely stay in touch with Julie and the other employees to continue to get feedback on how things are going. I want the store to be successful but not at the chance of alienating my staff and killing morale.

Keeping a verbally abusive manager would do that. Although Jim is successful in keeping the stores performance up to expectations, his management approach will eventually ruin productivity. If what the employees are reporting is true, I will need to intervene and coach Jim on the proper way to handle personnel.

If he is not successful by the time I decide to review his performance, then it might be time to move on from Jim regardless how well the store Is performing. 4.

How might you approach Jim about the team’s performance? I would flirts getting’s impression on how he feels the team is performing. If Jim Deigns casseroling a Duncan AT Issues ten team Is causing, I would ask ml now en Is middling it. If he really is yelling at staff and talking down to them, I would like to see if he admits it.

If tells me a different story from what the staff is reporting, that is when I confront him with the reports I have received. If he is truly defensive, it should surface at that point. If I experience the same thing that the employees have been reporting, then I would begin to explain to him that management at Soda Can Company is expected to handle themselves in a more professional manner.

After the discussion I would determine if Jim is worth trying to improve his management reference, or if it might be best to move on from him. 5. What might you say to Julie?

To the new employees? I would let Julie and the other employees know that I had discussed the reported issues with Jim. I do not believe it is appropriate to share details of the conversation I had with Jim, but I would ensure the staff that I am here if they ever feel they are being mistreated by anyone. Although I do not have a lot of time to invest in the new store I will now have to make time to be involved with their performance.

This means visiting the store often and having conversations with staff Just to see how things are going.