Management and Organizational Behavior

As such, students are obligated to keep up with the ours material each week, and to master the content as they go. I see my role as a course administrator and a facilitator. I will gladly answer any questions you have about the material, but it is up to you to monitor your progress so that you do well on the exams. Detailed information on how I run the course is available on-line. Course requirements include: Submitting a passing score (80% or better) for each chapter quiz by the chapter deadline.

As long as your quiz score is 80% or better, you will get full credit. The quizzes here constitute 10% of your final course grade. Completing three exams (non-cumulative / each is worth 30% of your final course grade) by the deadline for each exam. Exams contain 100 questions and include multiple-choice, true/false, and fill in the blank items. The exams are open book / open notes, and have a strict, two-hour deadline.

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The material. You will not do well on the exams unless you have kept up with Posting questions, comments or concerns to the various discussion boards (one board exists for each chapter). This is optional. Participating (or not) in discussion board topics will have no effect on your grade.

The discussion board, however, is the primary means for me to convey information about the course material, and for you to ask questions about anything you find confusing.

GRADING: Submitting all chapter quizzes (with passing scores) constitutes 10% of your final grade. There are three exams. Each is worth 30% of your final grade. If necessary, I curve exams by adding points to each person’s test score, but I base your final course grade on the following scale: I use plus / minus grades only to help students with borderline point totals. I do this only to help a student’s grade.

For example, 90% will always be an A.

Students with an 88% would likely get a 8+ or an A-, depending on the grade distribution for the entire class (if one student earns the better grade, all students with the same point total will earn that better grade). Because this is an on-line class, no provisions exist for making up exams or quizzes (with rare exception). If you have a valid, documented excuse that prevents you from accessing the internet for an entire week, let me know beforehand. You may have to come to campus (downtown) to complete a make-up exam or quiz.