Case study about human behavior in organization

This is an advanced survey course in organizational behavior designed to expose you to essential theories and concepts for analyzing, understanding, and managing human behavior in organizations. In this course we will apply concrete organizational situations from our case studies and projects to essential theories and effective management practices. In this class you will learn how to thrive at work by managing {Our relationships.

In this course, we will investigate: Individual behavior in organizations, including personality, decision-making, personal outworks, and ethics Interpersonal behavior, including teamwork, conflict, leadership, and power and influence Organizational factors affecting behavior, Including reward systems, culture, and organizational design Specific Course Objectives My goals for this course are to help you Manage individuals for high performance by developing your understanding of individual and interpersonal behavior, including your own.

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Manage individuals for high performance by developing your ability to effectively work with people who have different values, backgrounds or areas of expertise. Manage groups for high performance by exposing you to theoretical and practical knowledge of group dynamics and effective team building, while simultaneously giving you the opportunity to apply this knowledge through team projects. Reaching Philosophy My teaching philosophy is that a class in organizational behavior should not only teach relevant theories in the discipline, but also provide you with an environment to practice these concepts.

Specifically, this class is an opportunity to develop yourself and to learn how to manage your relationships with others in a work setting.

A ajar portion of your grade is a team project because it is unlikely that in this complex, team-oriented, project management work climate that you will not end up on a team in your career. Team projects are useful because they are opportunities to learn about conflict, diversity, and creativity. The class is discussion based because if you can not effectively present your good ideas, or are unwilling to do so, how will {Our future bosses ever know you have any.

Being able to effectively speak up could make the difference on whether you get that promotion or not. I provide the structure and guide the content. You are responsible for reading assignments, preparing for discussions, participating in class, and meeting your deadlines.

Ultimately, through the course content, active participation in class, and integration of course concepts to cases, in-class exercises, and the team project I hope to provide the opportunity for you to apply your learning in a manner that will make you well prepared to enter your first Job and be successful.

Required Reading Online at the library in Business Source Complete (L): Available online Textbook (B): Machines and Von Ogling (2012). M: Organizational Behavior. New fork, NY: McGraw Hill. Course Packet (P): Available at Speedway Handouts (H): Readings available through class Course Requirements and Weighting Class Participation and Attendance Points 10 Reflection Presentation Case Analysis Two In-Class Exams (35 points each) Team Project 200 Assessment 20 70 Grading is based strictly on mastery of course material.