Organization Behavior

The main asset of organizations is their employees, and the success of any organization depends on the employees. All organizations have the aim of increasing their profitability, have increased growth and innovation.

Most of the organizations also aim to make the introduction of new values and culture into the organization. In order to accomplish these, it becomes crucial for the managers and employees to have knowledge in organizational behavior. The study of organizational behavior has attracted many scholars and many organizations are making it requirement of its employees to undertake a study in this area. The main reason as to why it is necessary to have knowledge of organization behavior is that when working in an organization one deals with people. Therefore, it becomes particularly necessary to have clear knowledge of the behaviors of theses people in relation to the organization and relation to the responsibilities that they play in the organization. The study of organization behavior also goes to study the behavior of employees even outside the work place.

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The most important aspect of organizational behavior is the need to address issues related to people when applying all ideas in the organization (Brooks, 2009). Organization behavior involves the study of knowledge about the behavior of people in an organization. The study of organization behavior is of paramount importance to all students and employees. The study gives the students knowledge on how to work on a day to day basis with different types of persons and organizations. This knowledge is very important as it makes an employee understand how events are undertaken in organizations and why they are done. It is important to study how learn and figure how acts in organizations and how individuals and groups in the organizations respond to different situations.

It is important that one should understand how the other staffs or employees at when carrying out their roles in the organization (Griffin & Moorhead, 2009). For instance, it becomes important that one should understand how a certain staff behaves. For example, understand how if my boss is invited to attend a meeting urgently how he or she would react or how a work mate reacts when working under pressure. The study of organization behavior helps one to understand how to understand the culture of an organization that is how things are done inside the organization, for example, the shared beliefs and the values that have a lot of influence in the work place and its employees. This is because, as an employee of an organization one is supposed to adopt the culture of that organization. An employee is supposed to be accountable of his or her action in the organization.

They should also be accountable for their productivity and results no matter whether they show positive results or negative results in there productivity. How all these is done, can only be understood by studying organization behavior. For example, an employee in an organization is supposed to understand all the core values of an organization and be able to adopt them in order to avoid conflict with other employees and management of the organization. Core values of an organization may include integrity, respect to different opinions and other values that help the organization to work as a team (Mills & Bratton, 2006). As organizations continue to experience growth, they need employees who understand the organization behavior. This is because as the organization grows it means that there are several different needs, which need to be met in order to handle and maintain the increased demands of employees and its operations.

What my work for one organization may not work for another organization. It then becomes important that to have a large scale of knowledge about organization behaviors. Another thing that is of great importance is that individual employee has unique needs, so the study of organization behavior assists one to be attentive to these needs. The study also assists one to know how the needs of employees in an organization can be met. The study gives one skills on how to handle people who have different characteristics. For example, the study helps one to understand how various employees behaves in different situations or the likes and dislikes of employees so that one may avoid may not be good for some employees so that all employees have work place comfortability, which is necessary for themto be productive in the organization.

Organization behavior incorporates the study of people behaviors. It looks at the lifestyle, which they lead in their lives. This allows one to understand the goals that people have both individually as well as with their families. By looking at their lifestyles, it becomes possible to understand the way that the employees want to make advancement within their current employment status or their needs in the roles, in the organization. One of the other most important things about the study of organizational behavior is that it makes one aware of how the organization meets needs of its staff.

It has a focus on the diversity that exist in the work place, the balance that employees give between work life and home life, the ethical behaviors and also how different employees adapt to the changing technology. The study of organizational behavior makes it possible to make a careful analysis of people and organization in order to make a determination of what works well for the individual employee and the organization (Martin & Fellenz, 2010). It makes a review of the needs of the clients, the way that the organization is providing the need and then offers suggestions as to how the organization can make changes in order to serve its client more effectively. For example, in a business the study of organizational behavior allows one to be able to understand consumer behaviors. It helps to make analysis of consumer behaviors so that it is possible to operate in ways that satisfy all the needs of the consumers so that the business is able to sustain its customers for a long time.

The study helps an employee to be aware of standards and values, which are set forth by the organization to be held, supported and to be exhibited by all its employees (Griffin & Moorhead, 2009).The study of organizational behavior is necessary as it involves the study of the people who work and whom the future growth of the organization is in their hands. Organizations are people who interact so that they can fulfill objectives, which they share. Therefore, this study helps to understand the psychology of the people and how they feel about the setting of the organization. For example, for the top management of the organization and all the employees of the organization, the knowledge gained out of study of organization behavior assist in making prediction, control and take control of organization events. This is important as the people and the behaviors, which they depict in the organization, has effect on the performance of the organization.

Organizations, which have employees who have the understanding of organization behavior, are more adaptive to the diversity, which exists in the work environments. The knowledge of the concepts of organizational behavior allows the management of the organizations to be able to facilitate the needs of the diverse work force, which exist in many organizations today. The diversity, which exist in, organizations are in the form of gender, race and in ethnicity (Robbins, 2003). The knowledge of organizational behavior assists in understanding how people in the organization may be motivated in order to work together in more effective ways. The study allows one to become more aware of the organization ethics and gains knowledge on how to transfer employees’ attitudes and behavior to become more positive experiences both personally and for the company (Hiriyappa, 2009).

This is important because organization ethics is a good practice and have a positive impact to organizations in the long run. For example, the study assists an employee to understand the way to apply the business ethics in the day to day operations. There are many employees in many businesses that lack the skills on how to apply business ethics. This has negative effects on the picture that consumers have in regard that business. Therefore, it is important for all employees in an organization to understand how to apply business ethics as this works in creating a positive picture of the business to members of the public. The study of organizational behavior helps one to understand and be able to make a prediction of organizational events and to make influence in the organization.

In whatever capacity, one works, in an organization, it is necessary to understand the people and their behaviors so that to communicate effectively both outside and in the organization. This also helps onne to understand how to manage conflicts effectively, make better decisions and how to build commitment to the ideas that one has. Knowledge of organizational behavior also makes one able to make teams within the organization to operate more effectively. This is the influence that the knowledge of organizational behavior helps one to have in an organization (Robbins, 2003). The knowledge of organizational behavior is essential for every body, not just for the managers.

This is because, in the way that many organizations are managed today, many organizations reduce the layers of management and delegate more of roles and responsibilities to other employees in the organizations. As this happens, therefore, it becomes more important for anyone who works in the organization to have adequate knowledge in organization behavior. It becomes very essential for every employee to master the practices, which have influence on the organizational operations. For example, it becomes of great necessity for employees to have knowledge on how they are supposed to mange themselves without being supervised by the mangers. The knowledge of organizational behavior assists every one to become a manager in his or her capacity in the organization.

This is one aspect in an organization that brings growth to employees in their responsibilities and helps organizations to experience more growth in their productivity (Griffin, & Moorhead, 2009). The understandings of how and why organization events occur makes one feel more comfortable to be in an organization. This is because one feels the ownership of the organization and helps on to be able to accurately make anticipation of future events in the organization. The knowledge allows one make sense of the organization able to make a prediction of what people in the organization would do under various conditions. Understanding organization behavior makes each employee of an organization able to realize how their efforts contribute to the growth or to the big picture of the organization. The study of organizational behavior makes employees understand some key concepts and terminologies (Brooks, 2009).

Knowledge in organization behavior is necessary because organizations must learn to adapt to organization cultures that are changing very rapidly in the modern world. This has made many managers pay more attention to how the employees in their organizations react to different situations rather than the way they respond to situations. In the modern organizations, managers view organizational behavior as an important aspect in training and the workforce, in the organizations. Organizational behavior has become a major tool in management of effective teams. This is because it involves investigation of the impacts that groups and individuals have on the behavior in the organization.

This is used in purposes of the application of knowledge in making improvement in the organizations.Knowledge in organizational behavior allows the managers be able to observe employees so that he or she can place them in the suitable positions, in the organizations. This is because if a manager finds that certain employee is happy in a position he or she holds it means that an employee has high chances of being productive in their responsibilities. This will be advantageous to the organization and to the employee because this gives the employee job satisfaction. Here, the study of the organizational behavior will not only keep an employee in the job that makes them feel happy but also in positions that suits their personality and also positions which will enhance their growth in their capacities. The study of organizational behavior also helps to understand the reactions employees have towards each other.

It is important to understand how employees react to situations so that they are also not exposed to situations that make them feel uncomfortable because this might affect their productivity in their responsibilities (McKenna, 2000). Therefore, as can be seen from the essay it becomes necessary for employees in organizations to have knowledge of organizational behavior as this acts as one factor, which enhances organizational growth. It also acts as an aspect, which brings growth to the employees in the way they perform in their roles. The study is also necessary as it enhances smooth running of an organization as it leads to reduced conflict and also respect for diversity that exist in the work place.