Case Study New Belgium Brewing

An American electrical engineer named Jeff Lobules cruised around Belgium on In his fat-rued mountain bike pondering the thought whether or not he could produce the name high-quality beers back home in Colorado. Lobules went back to his home in Colorado and started experimenting until his beers attained good recognition from some friends and so Lobules decided to market them. New Belgium Brewing Company opened for business in 1 991 as a small basement operation In Leech’s home In Fort Collins but soon out grew that and now has its own custom-built facility.

Driver; Haler, 2006) New Belgium started out as a small business with concrete core values and beliefs and as it grew bigger, it retained its business values. New Belgium most recognized characteristic is its image. New Belgium bases its company off of quality, responsibility, and concern for the society. Customers view N.B.

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not Just as a beer company, but also a considerate organization that shows great concern for the community and the environment. (Driver; Hair,2006) New Belgium Brewing Company works to address many environmental Issues which Include reducing energy use, waste products and alarm pollution.

N.B. strives to find the most cost-efficient energy-saving alternatives to conduct its business on, and reduce its impact on the environment. In saying that, N.

B. has taken many different approaches to handle these issues. For example N.B. was one of the first companies in the United States to invest in the first fully wind powered brewery and has since then been able to reduce its CA emissions by 1,800 metric tons per year.

N.B. has Turner reach Its energy use Day Dulling a steam condenser Tanat captures Ana reuses the hot water that boils the barley and hops in the production process.

Another way N.B. conserves energy is by using “sun tubes”, which provide natural daytime lighting throughout the brew house all year long.

Driver; Hair,2006) Not only does N.B. focus on recurring energy but it also take pride in reducing waste as well, this through recycling and creative reuse strategies. N.B.

works to recycle as many supplies as possible including cardboard boxes, keg caps, office materials, and the amber glass used in bottling. The recycling done within N.B. takes on many forms in order to turn waste products into something new and useful.

For example N.B.

likes to turn their spent grain into cattle feed for farmers and also turn their keg caps into table surfaces so that the caps are not Just thrown away. Not only does N.B. like to recycle their own waste but they also like to buy recycled materials whenever it is possible. They buy used products everything from office paper to furniture. N.

B. revolves everything they can around recycling from motion sensor lights placed throughout their building to induction fans to pull in cool air, to keep the beer chilled.

N.B. also stores consumed barley and hop grains in an on-premise silo and allows the local farmers to come and pick up the grains to feed their pigs, without any charge. (Driver; Hair,2006) Because N.

B. is also very passionate about educing air pollution; they encourage their employees to use alternative transportation to cars. As motivation to use other ways to get to work, N.B. administers its employees “cruiser bikes”, like the ones Jeff Lobules rode around Belgium on, after one year of employment with their company.

This shows that not only is N.

B. loyal to the environment but they like to incorporate their employees into the movement as well. (Driver; Hair,2006) Being that N.B. is an environmental enthusiast, the company has chosen to focus on environmental issues and have become nationally known as a “paradigm of environmental efficiencies. Nab’s sole purpose and core belief is linked to their marketing strategy in which they associate the quality of their products as well as their brand name with the company’s theory toward affecting the planet.

The dedication to the environment was exhibited in their mission statement “To operate a profitable table brewery which makes our love and talent manifest. ” N.B. stated that in every aspect of production either compilation or distribution had to be environmentally efficient. (Driver; Hair,2006) Strategic Philanthropy or Corporate Social Responsibility (CARS) is the idea that companies would take responsibility for their impact on society, both from an economic, environmental and social perspective.

The concept should be long-term and integrated into the company’s business model. (Business Dictionary, 2011) Yes New Belgium social initiatives are indicative of strategic philanthropy because Nab’s sole marketing strategy involves linking the quality of its products, as well as their brand, with the company’s philosophy toward affecting the planet. Long before N.B. even had a marketing department, the firms core values and beliefs were put in place and remain the same today.

Some of the values and beliefs include producing world-class beers, promoting responsible enjoyment, continuous improvements, meeting customer expectations, environmental stewardship, kindling social, environmental and cultural change, and committing themselves to authentic relationships. N.B. believe these statements help express what the company is all about. (Driver; Hair, N.

B. senseless tense core values Ana Deletes In many ways. For example likes to thank their employees for their role in the company’s success by offering them many generous benefits.

On top of the fact that employees already get paid lath and dental insurance and retirement plans, employees also get to enjoy a free lunch every other week, a free massage once a year, and they are allowed to bring their children and dogs into work too. And employees who stick with the company for five years get a free trip to Belgium to study beer culture.

But most importantly employees can also earn stock in the privately held corporation. (Driver; Hair, 2006) Nab’s environmental concerns involve three words-Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.

N.B. takes great pride in not wasting any products or materials by being resourceful in any way they can. Besides being known as an environmentally-friendly brand, N.

B. also works to improve communities and enhance people’s lives through corporate giving, event sponsorship, and philanthropic involvement. N.B. has donated more than 1. 6 million dollars to organizations in the community and for every barrel of beer sold, N.

B. donates one dollar to philanthropic causes within their distribution territory.

N.B. has defined itself as more than Just a beer company but also a helping hand within the community. (Driver; Hair, 2006) Some companies have complex relation to social responsibility because of the tauter of their products, in Nab’s case the products may affect human health adversely and create addiction.

The contradiction lies in taking a social responsibility with focus on reasonable consumption, meanwhile sending out messages to stimulate sales and having a profit-making purpose.

Looking at N.B., a division of roles can be distinguished between the corporate marketing part of the company with the need for income, and the part of the company which strongest motives are to take social responsibility and to support non-profit projects with the goal of protecting public health. Although the strategies and motives differ, the two parts of the company, nonetheless, have a common denominator which is to change the attitude, perception or behavior of people in the society.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CARS) is the idea that companies should take responsibility for their impact on society, both from an economic, environmental and social perspective. The concept should be long-term and integrated into the company’s business model. (Business Dictionary, 2011) The economical part of CARS primarily covers the corporate way of doing business, the business ethics and the demands to put on appliers and subcontractors to ensure that they are following the company’s requirements.

This may involve the employees of subcontractors having good working conditions, reasonable working hours, a safe workplace despite dangerous phases and right to engage in trade unions. (Investigated, 2011) Environmental responsibility is about the company’s actions for a sustainable environment.

It is about ensuring that the company’s customers and suppliers have good environmental standards and that the company uses resources in an efficient and sustainable manner. Investigated, 2011) Social responsibility includes insuring that employees are satisfied and that there is a healthy balance of gender, age, ethnicity and religion in the workplace and that discrimination is eliminated. Social responsibility also Includes conducing development AT collect Ana assurance that products are social beneficial. It is to ensure that the products do not affect the user’s health. (Investigated, 2011) N.

B. meet the first two parts of the CARS very well. The last part, social responsibility, may however, be somewhat improved.

The company will always have the contradiction that they manufacture a product that may be harmful in excessive mounts, but it should be added that a moderate consumption of the product will bring Joy, enrichment and social consensus, which must be seen as social beneficial. The problem still remains that some people with the lack of self-discipline suffer because of the product, and that alcoholism enhances physical and psychical illness. N.

B. needs to develop their ethical and social responsibility by working to directly reduce these consequences.

Only then, the company has covered all areas to become fully responsible. There are many initiatives N.B.

could take to reduce alcoholism and damage from alcohol, which would create a better business ethic on the level where the company has its ethical contradiction. Initiatives could be made to broad the product range to protect consumer health, for example by creating alcohol-free options and a range of organic products under existing brand names as well as deterring underage drinking and helping children in families with alcohol problems.

By developing CARS and social beneficial marketing, there is a way to deal with the question of responsibility when it comes to products that can affect health negatively and create addiction. The important thing is, however, to not damage the company’s name by relating it to alcoholism, but rather create positive publication by being concerned in people’s health. A way to achieve social responsibility is through social media.

If companies adopt an approach to social responsibility they can with the help of social media, enable communication and interaction and get a wide distribution of their message in a short time.

Social media provides unique opportunities for companies in the alcohol industry when it comes to dealing with the contradiction between social responsibility and messages to stimulate sales and have a profit-making purpose. The phenomenon of social media is a unique force which through communication and interaction opens doors that were previously closed. The potential lies in the power to spread messages. A demonstration of this potential can be illustrated by the revolution against the regimes in the North African countries in early 2011.

In a short time the opinions succeeded by bringing people together with the use of social media. The massive demonstrations in the now toppled dictatorships, Tunisia and Egypt was made possible by social media such as Faceable and Twitter. Social media has thus played a major role in these uprisings and important social events. El Coo, 2011) Communication through social media puts the individual in center and studies snow Tanat Monolinguals Witt strong Ana convincing pollens nave greater consonance than mass media among the collective.

The uniqueness of the social media phenomenon is that companies can integrate with their stakeholders directly, under conditions different from traditional marketing. An example of how N.B. may use social media to reduce the negative effects of alcohol, may include projects to get adolescences and young athletes to postpone the alcohol debut, which according to studies decreases the risk of alcoholism. Getting young people to understand the dangers of alcohol will lead to a healthier generation.

Another example of efforts N.B. can do in social media is to provide help and advice for people with alcohol issues. By being seen in social media and demonstrate its commitment to the public health, New Belgium Beer raises his image, and promotes their values of quality, responsibility and concern for society. Conclusion The massive demonstrations in Tunisia and Egypt also show that opinion leaders in social media can have a big impact on their environment, both in the digital and the analog world.

Social media provides unique opportunities for companies in the alcohol industry when it comes to dealing with the contradiction between the social responsibility with a focus on responsible consumption and to send messages to stimulate sales and have a profit-making purpose. Social responsibility and business success are both a part of society, and when these are combined in social media, they cooperate and work to send out messages that benefits the society. A win-win situation does exist, even for companies with products that are both social beneficial but misused, harmful.