Case study Ionians strategic

Ionians strategic change by means of alliance networks. A case of adopting the open Innovation paradigm.

With whom, why and on what does Monika collaborate on product development? Whom… Alliance, Competitors and Non-familiar partner Why..

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. TOT create a market for a new product and set the standard for that particular technology. TOT collaborate with a local manufacturer In order to enter the mobile phone and network technology markets In China, Brazil and Australia as the local or national authorities or government required Monika to nationalize their production faceless abroad.

TOT strengthen their core capabilities, divesting and refocusing its business activities. That..

. DRY&D and technology exchange Desperate development Database Experts panel research How does Monika use networks to explore new or exploit existing capabilities for the transformation of its business? From database analysis and the experts panel research, it is clear that Monika has extensively used networking strategies for the development of new products. Monika developed as a company by a number of mergers and acquisitions (M&As) of other firms with more or less related but deferent business

Outsourcing production and manufacturing for product that are outside Nooks core competencies. Monika uses t I network Day slung Jolt development agreement and research as a collaboration agreement on the development of new technology or products. To what extent does the overall business strategy of Monika fit the open innovation paradigm? Monika is spinning-in technologies from competitors and suppliers. Monika has become a company embedded in both local and international innovation networks.

Monika collaborate for accessing new geographical areas.