Case Study of Devil Wears Prada

More than Just a title to a movie, it is real life to Musician Pravda, President and head designer, and CEO Patriot Brittle, of the Italian Pravda Group. This group became one of the top luxury businesses in the world, designing high end fashion. Pravda quickly built a strong reputation in luxury goods primarily because of its exclusives designs, superior manufacturing techniques and high quality materials. Could the majority of their success be because of their belief in being a closely led firm by the Pravda family?

Or in the long run did that hurt them then do more good? Their primary reason for not going public and issuing stocks was they did not want to deal with outside family shareholders and did not want the discipline of the financial market.

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In other words they wanted complete control of their company and what took place within the company. Then it seemed that the ultimate debate was where should they list, which market, the Milan Stock Exchange or should they become the first Italian company to list in

Hong Kong. The main purpose of finally opening up to have outside shareholders was the company wanted to expand their business and needed more funds in order to do so. They question lied as to which market to finally list on. It is no surprise to me that they chose to go with the market in Hong Kong, the fame that also came with becoming the first Italian company to list on this market was probably appealing to the eye of the family, the President, Musician Pravda known or her stubbornness.

After a slow start on this market it finally came around, with China having the position as the ultimate male status symbol, they bought the high end merchandise for the women.

But quickly the women are now being the top executives and will be making this high end purchases on their own, and thank goodness for that. Women should be Just as successful and independent in this world and internationally as well.