Some Wounded Devil

The songs, Wounded by Good Charlotte and Some Devil by Dave Matthews Band, both have a strong message and mean a lot to me.

Wounded was my lyrical solo last year, and this year, I’m using Some Devil. In dancing, a dancer is supposed to portray the story of the song he/she is dancing to. If ones performance doesn’t come from a real place and they don’t let themselves be vulnerable, a judge/audience member won’t be pulled in to the story the song is telling. I believe I conquered this with my previous solo, and I’m trying this year to do the same with my new solo. Wounded and Some Devil have similar meanings, but each song can viewed totally different depending on the person’s experiences. From my perspective, I think the song, Wounded, is about a person who has an addiction to something and he keeps it a secret from everyone.

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It escalates from something small, to something that is affecting him, and the people around him. He asks for help from a friend, but then when they try to help, he tells them that he is fine. When he realizes he can’t stop his addiction, he begs and begs to his friend to come back and help him. It’s the guilt that eats him from the inside out. The song, Some Devil, for me, is about a man whose girlfriend just broke up with him and he is in denial about it.

He can’t handle another break up, and he gets a little depressed because she told him they would be together forever. He starts drinking and doing drugs to mask the pain, but all he thinks about is him being dead and her alive. He wants her to know that the memory of the times they had together are stuck inside of him. The pain keeps eating at him, and then, he kills himself. Both of the songs are similar because they both have to do with pain and suffering, but the person who is acting strangely, causes the people around him to worry. Not just because he is acting different, but his health could be in jeopardy or maybe even his life.

Also they are similar because it has to do with someone who is desperate for someone to help heal the pain. The thing that is different about these two songs is that they are both about pain and suffering for different things. Wounded is about an addiction and how it messes up his life. He can‘t recover from it easily, so it takes him and his friends on a rollercoaster of emotions trying to fix his life. Whereas, Some Devil is about a bad recovery out of a break-up.

He probably thought he was going to marry her someday and that she was his true love. When she broke up with him, no matter how nice she was, he was going to explode with emotions wanting her back. As I said earlier, everyone has their on way of seeing things, and this is just my way.