Review on Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey is an American R&B/pop singer-songwriter. She later began to incorporate hip-hop into her music. She has been recording big hits since 1990.

She is the first recording artist to have her first five singles top the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 chart. Mariah Carey sings about love, friendship, hard times, sadness, loneliness, pain, and much more. Mariah Carey basically has a script, or she writes about the same things, but she does have some variety. Her music is listened to by both generations of people.

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You can find many adults and teens enjoy her music. Younger kids may be familiar with her music, although they probably know more of her 2000-present day songs. Her album, The Ballads, is an album where she sings about mixed emotions. Mostly in this album she sings about friendship, a chance to do pursue something, or believing in herself. In her song, “Hero”, she talks about someone having sad or bad times and they feel like hope is lost. But she says, look inside you for a hero to pull you back to strength again, because you can make it through whatever your going through.

“Vision of Love”, she sings about how she felt alone at first. Then she found someone to love and she has hopes and expectations for that person. In the end, the person turned out to be everything she wanted. In the album, Memoirs of a Perfect Angel, she wrote about memories of past events in someone’s life. Other songs expressed joy over the memories and some expressed hate or sadness.

Her song, “H.A.T.E.U.”, is a song where she talks about memories about someone and how she misses them.

She recalls the past and the good moments of life with that person. Then, she goes on to tell the pain she feels now they are not together. “Angels Cry”, was about her regretting walking away from someone who she loved but, things weren’t ok at the time. She writes about all the memories she had with them. Also, she realizes, it would be hard to renew what she had, but she still is stuck on that person.

Her song, “I Want to Know What Love Is”, expresses her having a yearning for love. In her album Charmbracelet, she talks about grace, being mislead, being sly, and what she wants. In her song, “I Only Wanted”, she talks about how she only wanted love, but she couldn’t have that. She was abandoned and all her dreams were just faraway and unlikely to happen. “My Saving Grace”, talks about how she might not be in a good situation and things aren’t looking good, but she still has God to look up to. She says she has more lessons to learn, but as long as she has the grace of God, she will be determined to keep moving forward in life.

The Mariah Carey album talks about love, separations, and mistakes. In the album “Someday”, Mariah Carey says how she was with someone, but the person didn’t want her anymore. But, she feels he will soon realize how perfect she was for him and that he will want her back. But she claims she won’t take him back, as if she is not anyone’s seconds. She is saying he threw away all he ever needed. “Prisoner”, talks about how one was bound to another and finally saw through their lies.

They realize they were restrained from many other things, so they are now leaving the person. They look back to what they planned for the future, but they soon forgot that due to the mistrust and harm caused by the other person. In “Vanishing”, she writes about how someone was with another, but no longer is. They recall all the memories they had, but very faintly do they remember. They keep searching for any trace of that person they long to be with, but all memories are fading.

So basically, the wonderful song writer and singer, Mariah Carey, sings a lot about emotions from different situations, one may experience throughout life. Her albums are very similar in what she writes about, but some songs are inspirational and each song has a different message to give. Her newer songs may appeal more to the teen group or younger generation more, because she sings about feelings and at that age group, people start to feel different things. But all age groups would enjoy her music, because of how much they would be able to relate to the lyrics of her songs.