He and I Review

In the short story, “He and I”, Natalia tells about her life with her husband who disrespects her in every way possible. Throughout the short story, Natalia explains how her husband is so much better and smarter than her. Examples of this are when they eat, her taste in food is different than his so therefore she is wrong and has horrible, dull taste in food. Another example is when they would go to the cinema, no matter where she would sit, she would be upsetting her husband. He tells her that without him, she is nothing. In the story, Natalia plays the role of a weak female, and her husband is an oppressive male.

People can learn about emotional abuse in this short story. All of the literature explains how her husband depresses her, and makes her extremely self conscious. Teens can learn that it is never acceptable to become a weak role in a relationship. Relationships should be equal, and nobody either male or female, should end up feeling inferior. I believe that people in support of women’s empowerment would enjoy this piece of literature because it could be used as a prime example of how men are oppressing women, all over the world.

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Obviously then, I believe that strong oppressive males would not enjoy this work because it shows bluntly how disrespectful men can be. Personally, I enjoyed this short story because it helps me realize what not to put up with when it comes to my own relationships with men. I never intend to become the weaker person.