A&P review

I Chose the short story A&P by John Updike. The most interesting aspect of the story is that it teaches you to have good morals when you see someone discriminating against someone jsut b/c there doing something out of the ordinary such as the girls in the story going into the store in their bikinis and the manager embarrassing them infront of the whole store by calling them out People in general can learn to not to discriminate against someone b/c they do someting out of the ordinary.Teens can learn to be bold and stand up for people if they see someone discriminating against someone.

the part of the story that supports this is when the cashier quits his job b/c of the manager embarrassing the girls. I would recomend this story to any high school student b/c they would understand it the most. i wouldnt expct adults to take this story seriously b/c they would just see it as the rule of the store and not care with embarrassing the girls.

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