Review of A&P Free Essay Sample

The short story I chose was A&P by John Updike. The most interest part was towards the end when Sammy quits his job as a cashier there. There were three girls who came in the store dressed in only bathing suits and bare feet.

The girls were only there to buy herring snacks for “Queenie’s” mom. Lengel, Sammy’s boss, yelled at the girls and told them that they need to be decently dressed when they come in. The girls took it very offensively and so did Sammy. As a result, Sammy quit to stand up for the girls. I think thats there are a few lessons to be learned in this story. People in general can learn that you shouldn’t be rude to anyone because it will always come back to haunt you.

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For example, in A&P Lengel is rude to the girls. In return, he loses an employee. I think teens can learn something from Sammy. They can learn that they need to stand up for themselves and for what they believe it. Many people in the store just stood there and watch the girls get treated unfairly. However, Sammy stood up for them and made a statement.

I think that teenagers would definitely enjoy this because some teenagers can relate to this. Every teenager has been treated unfairly or has at least watched someone be treated unfairly. The people that wouldn’t like this story are older more conservative people. They would get mad at this story because they most likely agree with Lengel that the girls shouldn’t be able to be dressed like this in public. Overall, I liked this story a lot and I would recommend it to anyone.