Case Study of Dynamo Industries

How would you improve the selection process? To improve the selection process, I recommend additional tests to be conducted to ensure that the candidate to be chosen will not only have the necessary skills and knowledge on the Job to be performed, but the right attitude as well. The following tests may be added: 1 .

Aptitude tests – These are tests that measure specific mental abilities, such as inductive and deductive reasoning, verbal comprehension, memory, and numerical ability.

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It is a test designed to determine a person’s ability in a particular skill or field of knowledge. This is better compared to Intelligence tests because this involves testing specific abilities in specific areas whereas Intelligence tests questions are very generic and meant to gain an understanding of the person’s ability to learn.

It is important to identify if the candidates are equipped with the necessary skills to perform the Job effectively and efficiently. 2. Work Simulations (Management assessment center) – A simulation in which management candidates are asked to perform realistic tasks in hypothetical situations and are scored on their performance.

This would be a good tool to test the candidates to determine how well he/she can execute tasks and come up with decisions in the course of his/her Job. 3.

Background Investigations and Reference Checks – In the case, there was not much emphasis given to character references. It is also important to investigate how the candidate performs in his/her current or past employments to gain knowledge of how he/she is as an employee and as a supervisor/manager. A candidate may do well in the tests, but through character references, the management will be able to determine if he/she has a good track record and to verify factual information provided by applicants.