Case Study of the Barnes City Hospital

Dry. Majored Guenon; Calvin College university of Toronto Research Dept Bus 220 3-16-14 Case 11-B Welcome to the Barnes City Hospital Summary For almost four years Paula Myers has been the night shift supervisor of nursing at Barnes city Hospital. Paula works from 1 1 pm-7:AMA supervising twenty four nurses. Seven of the nurses have formed a bond, Inside and outside of work. These seven nurses have been with the capital for over 20 years.

These nurses are highly respected by the medical staff and administration. One nurse In particular is an excellent nurse with a friendly and outgoing personality which she is also well respected by these seven nurses, Bonnie Line. New nurses are assigned a mentor for the first three months on this shift. New nurses are also hazed by the group of seven women with a welcoming routine of some Jokes and some non harmful tricks. Most of the new nurses have no problem with this, they see it as a right of passage or Induction.

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Three of the new hires on the night shift have left after only two weeks and Paula is concerned that this form of welcoming may be the reason.

Paula decides to have a meeting with Bonnie to discuss her concerns. Bonnie believes that with the constant pressure Ana tension AT caring Tort ten patients Tanat ten Jokes Ana tracks Nell lighten ten mood She also believes any nurse that can’t take a Joke shouldn’t be working at Barnes City Hospital, Which I disagree. Shortly after this conversation three newly hired nurses told Paula they didn’t like the jokes and tricks treatment and resigned.

They stated nursing is a serious Job and they couldn’t work under these conditions. They nurses also stated they would be discussing these concerns with the hospital administrator. Responding to the case 1 .

These seven ladies represent an informal work group. I believe these types of groups affect the night shift in a negative way. Reason being, they are causing the hospital to constantly lose night shift nurses. I would think this behavior would make it harder on the nurses that are there cause they would have a heavier work load. . The norm for this group of seven women is to welcome the new nurses with tricks and Jokes.

I believe the hospital is not a place for Jokes and tricks. I believe all hazing should be done outside of work or not at all. Therefore it will cut back on the high rate of nurses quilting. 3. I don’t think Paula should allow the Joking and tricks to go on if its going to affect the Job performance of the nurses. I do think if the new nurses are k with the hazing then it make make the tension on the night shift easier.