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Valueless restaurant case study. In any workplace there are always specific duty of care requirements that are to be followed by the employer and employees of the workplace. Duty of care is briefly a legal obligation, which the employer and employees adhere to when performing acts in the workplace which may be harmful to others. In this case the duty of care requirements required to be followed by the employer and employees are, Valueless restaurant have the responsibility to serve safe food and drinks that are okay for consumption by their customers.

Also to hire and properly train employees, and make sure that they are aware of any unsafe conditions. To make sure that all employees and the employer know of the health and safety requirements required In the workplace and that everyone working In the establishment knows how to operate everything safely.

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All this Is to Insure safety wealth the workplace. 2. Valueless restaurant breached several hygiene practices during the preparation for the function.

No care was taken to ensure all food preparation and dining prep were completely safe to be used and consumed by the costumers during the unction. For example employees were very sick during preparation and were potentially contaminating everything from their constant sneezing and coughing and failure to wash hands when needed. Though this is a personal hygiene issue the duty of care that was required by employer (which was to send sick employees home), was not met.

Another major hygiene issue that was breached during preparation was really a careless mistake made by the chef, leaving out bulk quantity of lasagna to defrost for the function on the kitchen bench at what he thought was a safe imperative as it was winter and he assumed it was cold enough but if the temperature was between 5 and 60 degrees Celsius it would be the ideal temperature for bacteria to grow and this is what most likely happened as the chances are rather high whenever u defrost something out of a specific storage area.

If things like these are always occurring in a restaurant you can guarantee that the restaurant will not be in business for very long as the health and safety aspects of restaurants in particular are extremely focused on as one slip up on the duty of care requirements could be very consequential. The most likely bacteria to be a result of the hygiene breaches Is Staphylococcus which Is not dangerous until It gets In contact with food products such as the lasagna that was left out on the kitchen bench to defrost for the function, this bacteria is transferee tongue mainly sneezing Ana coughing as It Is Tuna on our silk, In sores and infected eyes and nose and due to the fact that there were sick employees sneezing and coughing this could have quickly become a dilemma.

It would have spread very quickly due to the lack of care taken during preparation of the function. There are several symptoms that could arise from food poisoning, these include, – Vomiting Nausea Diarrhea Abdominal cramping Fever Headaches Majority of the time food poisoning will not be extremely serious as it tends to run its course in 24-48 hours. In this case the customers that attend the function are the people at high risk of getting food poisoning and they are not aware.

Even though the employees were the ones contaminating the food during preparation they are least likely to get food poisoning. 5. The role of an environmental health officer is to insure the health and safety of establishments such as restaurants and to make sure they reach the standards that are in place for this particular establishment. They also enforce legislation related to environmental health. These officers focus on prevention, consultation, investigation and education of their community about health and safety risks and to insure in keeping a safe environment.

The health would be able to prove the food poisoning was from Valueless restaurant from the customers that attended the function as they put forward the complaints, plus the fact one of the customers ended up in capital makes the whole case that much more important and therefore the health officer would have got reports from all customers that attended the function to help find evidence to prove the point.

After this disaster of a function, the manager of the restaurant should be looking for ways to insure this does not ever happen again. Such as ensuring employees that are unwell should not be working at all no matter what the reason is.

Always make sure there is enough storage space in the restaurant to keep all food products in the saturates free of bacteria. Make sure that every employee’s personal hygiene is spot on to avoid any unwanted bacteria from outside the workplace infected the food inside the workplace. Having procedures in place for preparation of specific items woo a De Ideal Tort example, to Insure Tanat all T Is Kept at ten Ideal temperature Tort optimum shelf life.

Manager of places like restaurants like this one should always look towards having ways that would minimize the risk of something like this happening ever within the workplace.