Case Study on Autism

Autism Case Study:

Autism is the psychological disorder, which is characterized with the deficit of social relations and communication and continuously repeated actions. All the mentioned symptoms are revealed already at the age of three. Autism is closely connected with genetics, but many scientists still do not know whether the genetic factor is the key one which causes autism, as there is a possibility that the disorder is the result of certain mutations of genes. There is the idea, that autism can be a result of unsuccessful childhood vaccines which influence human brain and genes. According to the statistics, today every 88th child suffers from autism and boys are more vulnerable to it than girls.

Autism is a change of functioning of certain parts of the brain, and as a result the behavior and reaction of children to certain irritant changes greatly.Parents notice the changes already in the early years of the child’s life, and if they intrude on time, it is quite possible to help a child lead a normal independent life in future. There are special cognitive and behavioral therapies for children, which can help reduce the effect of autism greatly, but still there is no remedy which can cure the disorder once for all. Autism is not considered to be a disease, but just a syndrome which prevents the patient from communication and social contacts and self development. The person lives in her own world and very often she may be talented in the one sphere, like drawing, etc.

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But the number of actions in very limited, so the person can draw all day long and is never bored, that is the main symptom of autism noticed by scientists.Autism is becoming more and more common disorder for children, so it is important to know about it everything. When a student is writing a case study, he should be ready to devote much time to investigate the case site, the problem of the patient, his biography, way of life, collect data about his family and relations. All these facts can be useful to analyze the problem well and find out the reasons and consequences of autism. A smart student can offer his own alternative therapy which can reduce the impact of autism on child or present the idea which explains the reason of the disorder among children.Every student who has to complete a good assignment on the disorder required professional help in the form of a free example case study on autism child to see how to organize the paper correctly, how to arrange data logically and format the paper.

Every free sample case study on autism spectrum disorder is a good source of information for students who have no idea how to analyze the problem well and what kind of data to look for.