Case Study on Banking and Insurance

Banking and Insurance Case Study:

Banking is the complex of the financial services provided for the people who want to operate their money safely and effectively. Banking touches upon every sphere of human activity and nearly everyone has his own account in a bank where he stores money, borrows money and takes advantage of the additional services like paying taxes, etc. It is obvious that banking is quite a useful sphere, because with its help one can be calm about his money.For example, it is not safe to store money at home as a thief can easily steal everything.

Banks have a strong system of protection and can protect the money form the risk of stealth. Banking and insurance are interconnected terms, because banks have to provide insurance for its clients if it wants to attract new and new ones.People who deposit their money in a bank want to feel sure that the money is protected and in case of failure the bank would return the deposited money back. The strong and responsible protection of the deposits is the major duty of every bank which strives to maintain its prestige and win the credit of its clients. If the bank protects the clients’ money, it has the right to use this money for the certain financial operations which enrich the capital of the bank, but if the operations carried out by the bank fail, the bank should guarantee that it would return the money which has been deposited by people. So, banking and insurance of the financial stability are the integral parts which maintain the functioning of every bank.

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