Case Study on Banking Frauds

Banking Frauds Case Study:

Banking fraud is the type of crime which is related with the theft of money and property belonging to a bank or depositors carried out by the group of people who pretend to be the representatives of the bank. In comparison with bank robbery and other similar crimes banking frauds are not so visible from the first sight and one requires much time to discover the fraud. Banking frauds belong to the white collar crimes which are committed by the representatives of the official financial and state institutions who have the constant access to the information about clients. That is why the majority of frauds are committed in the scrupulous and smart way providing the law enforcement services with complicated job.

There are several types of banking frauds which can be called the most widespread ones. First of all it is cheque fraud. The criminal forges the cheque and withdraws money from the account. Then, there are cases when the money from deposits is stolen, because the criminal has the access to the client’s information. Next, criminals often steal banking cards and withdraw cash if they learn the password which enables them to get access to the account.

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In the online purchases it is possible just to find out the information about the client’s account, the card’s number and its validity. Banking frauds are practised all over the world, especially in the developed countries with the well-structured and varied banking system. In every part of the world bank fraud is a serious crime and the criminal is punished with a fine and imprisonment.Banking fraud is an interesting topic for the research for the students who want to connect their future career with banking or law enforcement. Naturally, everyone should know about the appropriate functioning of banking system and about its weak sides which can be used by criminals for self-enrichment. The student is expected to dwell on the types of banking frauds, the mechanism of these crimes and the punishment which waits for the cheater.

Moreover, the student must learn about the cause of the problem on banking frauds, the origin of the methods of cheating and evaluate the effect of these actions on the prestige of the bank and the financial wellbeing of the clients. In the end one can solve the case in the right way demonstrating his intelligence.The young person has the chance to complete a successful and well-formatted paper if she relies on the positive and professional help of a free example case study on banking frauds in India analyzed by the well-trained writer. The quality of the assignment can be seriously improved if the student follows the advice of a free sample case study on banking fraud sector written by the real expert.