Case Study on Barriers to Learning

Barriers to Learning Case Study:

Barriers to learning are the certain obstacles which prevent students from the receiving of education in the appropriate way. According to the statistics a big percent of children and young people are deprived of their chance to study at school, because of numerous unfavourable factors.

The list of reasons or barriers to learning is quite long, but the most evident and serious factors are the following. To begin with, there are family issues which have a negative impact on children. If the family has financial problems or the child’s parents suffer from alcohol or drug abuse, such a child is a rare guest at school. There are many problems which influence children in the unfavourable families: for example, abuse, forced labour, etc. If there are financial problems, young people prefer working than going to school, because they have to support their families and survive.If the financial support of the government is not sufficient such children will be deprived on education stating to work too early.

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Another obstacle is also connected with the organization of the process of education and governmental support. If the schedule is not convenient for students because of the problems with transportation (the school is too far), the quality of studying will be poor. Finally, there are objective barriers to learning in the form of the physical and mental disabilities of students. Such children are provided with the opportunity to receive education but its quality depends on their own health problems.The topic of barriers to learning can be called a relevant one, because a high percent of children on the planet has lost its chance to receive quality education.

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