Case Study on Physical Barriers to Communication

Physical Barriers to Communication Case Study:

Physical barriers to communication are the barriers which occur during the conversation and prevent the participants from the effective communication.

Obviously, there are many types of physical barriers which can spoil the human conversation and the most widespread of them are the environment, distance, physical disability, etc. So, the initial barrier is the environment of communication, as the success of every conversation depends on the place. When people speak in the unfavourable place, the quality of the conversation is very poor, for example, if two people start to speak at the theatre, library or at the cinema, they can not exchange the information adequately being limited by the norms of behaviour which prevent people speak in such quiet places.Then, the distance between people can also limit the quality of conversation, because if one is situated too far from his partner, he will need to speak loudly or even shout in order to deliver the whole information but most often it is impolite and breaks the social norms of good behaviour.Finally, there is physical disability which prevents people from the quality conversation. For example, the people who have language problems and can not pronounce words have to learn to communicate with the help of gestures, but this language is most often understood by the people who have the same language problems and it is impossible for the disabled person to deliver the information to the common person who does not suffer from this problem.

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Evidently, there many other types of physical barriers to communication but the obstacles explained above can be called the most widespread ones.Physical barriers to communication can become a good topic for the analysis, so the student has the chance to read about the problem a lot and develop a case study about it. One can choose the definite problem for the analysis and observe the problem of the physical barriers to communication and its elements. The student should enumerate the barriers, think about their cause and their effect on the quality of the conversation and try to solve the problem professionally reducing the negative consequences of the barriers to the minimum. The young person can suggest the adequate methods to defeat the barriers and improve the quality of communication considerably.

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